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About us

About us

Our story

Fed up. That’s how we started.

A few years back, we had friends of friends contacting us at random to ask for advice on which pool table to buy. Now we personally were happy to help BUUUUTTTTT it got repetitive.

Why were we being asked so many questions. Didn’t Google or Youtube have the answer?

It didn’t. Google and YouTube really sucked balls (figuratively speaking) at providing first-hand information.

The reviews and opinions on many blogs were written by a robot with no value.

The YouTube videos showed some random dude using his new pool cue but saying absolutely nothing about it.

And don’t get me started on the forums. Those were all over the place.

And so Pool Table Master was made

We created this site as a repository of all our knowledge. And we kept adding to it every day. And slowly it grew to cover

  • Outdoor pool tables
  • Modern pool tables
  • Pool cues
  • Pool accessories
  • Pool lights
  • A variety of how-to guides
  • The history of pool

We update old information with our latest finds. We invite our readers to criticize our thoughts so that the right information is available.

We work with brands and companies that care about our readers. When we refer a visitor to a supplier, we can trust that each visitor will be looked after

Feel free to shot us a message or buy us a drink 😉