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BEST 6 FOOT POOL TABLES for sale with and without Slate

Looking for a pool table big enough for practicing shot drills? Something small, but not looking like a child’s party prop? Something you can move around. And of course, something that’s not as big as a bus in the middle of your game room.

If your answer to all the above is yes then, a 6-foot pool table is your saving grace. In less than 15 minutes I’m gonna give you the low down on the best 6-foot pool tables in the game.

Here is the rundown for the best slate and non-slate options. Let’s jump right into it.

Dynasty 6.5’ Billiard Table by Mizerak

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Billiard Table with Compact Design to Fit in Smaller Rooms, Leg Levelers for Perfectly Even Playing Surface, Double-sealed MDF Play-bed for Consistent Roll and Automatic Ball Return for Quick Game Reset

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The Frame- Double – Sealed MDF

The Legs- Particleboard with  Disc-style leg levelers

The Felt – Green nylon cloth

The Pockets -Foam padded pockets plus Ball return system

Shipping – Free

Price – $650

The Mizerak 6 foot pool table playfield and the frame are described as Double MDF Sealed wood. This means its playing surface has a more consistent roll and resists warping. Compared to a simple MDF wood. The felt on these pool tables is nylon which is strong but not very water or humid repellent. The outer surface is made from particleboard wood. This is simple wood. So anything in liquid form should be avoided like the plague.

It has a ball return system that leads the billiard balls under the table. This pool table is very heavy and not foldable. Movement around any room size is very limited because of this. The  Rubber cushions around the perimeter of the play-bed give excellent rebound for speed and accuracy. These pool tables are not pre-assembled so moving them through doors is as easy as eating pie. It is not coin operated and can not be converted into one that is. It can not be used as a dining table


  •  Has a 1 Year manufacturer default warranty
  • Can be used to support a table tennis conversion top of about +/-50 lbs
  • Uses standard ball sizes
  • Comes with a  wrench to assemble the pool table
  • This table is very stable, it doesn’t shake if leaned against
  • Cleaning is quite easy (a micro-fiber cloth works like magic)


  • Limited movement due to its weight.
  • The table felt burns from the billiard balls it comes with
  • The cues are cheap quality
  • This table has Slow play
  • Hard to refelt because of the glue used on the felt
  • Pockets are small and only allows one ball pulled out at a time
  • This pool table is available in one color

Quick Tips

  1.  BEFORE YOU PLAY – get some car wax and wax the HELL out of the balls. (helps with the felt burn)
  2. When attaching the legs DO NOT tighten the screws. Leave a little wiggle room so that you can line up all of the holes, and then tighten them down
  3. The wrench that comes with the parts slips a little so you may want to use your own pliers as well as a Phillips screwdriver.

6 ft. Pool Table by Hathaway/Fairmont

Hathaway Spartan 6' Pool Table, 72" L x 38" W x 31" H, Black


The Frame – MDF wood

The legs- Alloy Steel (foldable)

The Felt –  Wool and synthetic fibers ( cheap materials)

The Pockets – Plastic with Chrome caps

Shipping – Free in the US

Price – $360

MDF these abbreviations stand for – Medium-Density Fibreboard. This is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers. It is then combined with wax and a resin binder. Then formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure.

Its playing field is known to be slow because it is held straight by an aluminum bar. This does not make leveling any easier. This pool table is as slow as a slug honestly. The pockets not deep and don’t hold balls. Because the felt is made from wool and synthetic fibers it marks very easily and needs frequent brushing. Its foldable legs have levelers which is a plus. These pool tables are shipped already assembled and ready to play. All you do is unfold the legs.

This table is said to be family-friendly. Even a slow dog, like Scooby-Doo, would be able to learn pool on it. It is small enough in any room size. And will carry you through practices. It has pool sticks but you wouldn’t want to whip those out a professional game. You’d be the laughing stock because they are cheap material and only for beginners.


  • It has a sturdy ball bounce from the rails
  • Easy to move around a level room with little manpower
  • Foldable
  • Comes in a tear-resistant bag which you can use for easy travel movement
  • You can use a full-size cue stick to play on it
  • Good for practice drill shots


  • Not the best-leveled pool table
  • Warps easily if not handled with care
  • Pockets are slightly small and don’t hold balls well
  • Cheaper quality felt cloth burnt easily
  • The accessories provided are not good quality.

Fat Cat Trueshot 6′ Pool Table


The Frame – Plywood

The Legs- Levelers added

The Felt – Ordinary Wool Felt

The Pockets – Netted Drop pockets

Shipping – Free in the US

Price – $420

This billiard table comes in a compact design that can easily fit in a smaller game room. It is non-slate and has a very thin wooden base. It has two pieces of plywood that work as a cover. Plywood is a type of wood that is made up of sheets of wood that have been artificially glued together. I suggest buying an actual cover. Lest your table becomes a tasty snack for the termites or destroyed by harsh weather conditions. Plywood is not as strong as actual wood or other types of wood.

This pool table is perfect for practice or kids’ play. The more experienced players would definitely want to pull their hair out from frustration because of some of the finer details. Like the fact that the felt is cheap material that slows down game play and burns easily. It is glued to PVC and is not as smooth other pool tables.The soft rails do not have much bounce to them and this can be a Buzzkill. The balls will “die” upon impact with the rails.


  • Pockets are netted and this helps to avoid blockage
  • Well insulated- to protect the wooden base from moisture if the pool table is to be put in the basement
  • It does not require too much ,man power or items for assembly
  • Shipping is free (Save bucks)


  • No ball return system
  • Thin felt easily shows signs of wear and tear
  • The balls that come with the table produce too much friction and burn the felt when hit at high speed
  • The cue sticks it comes with are not smooth to the touch. Customers complain of warping upon delivery
  • Not a wide selection of felt colors

6′ Home Pool Table by Great American

Barrington Springdale 90" Claw Leg Billiard Table Set with Cues, Rack, Balls, Brush, and Chalk (23 Pieces)


The Frame- One-piece slate

The Legs-Plywood

The Felt- Green Nylon

The pockets- Leather drop pockets

Shipping- Free in the USA

Price- $3100

A great addition to any man cave. This pool table’s size is 6,5 inches making it slightly bigger than a 6-foot pool table. It has a one-piece dual steel slate playfield. A dual steel slate is more durable against everyday wear and tear than ordinary stainless steel. The playfield is perfectly leveled and is very flat. Its legs are quality cabinet-grade plywood. This is the type of wood used to construct cabinets.  The felt is made from nylon which is strong and fade-resistant. It can be changed as and when the need arises.

This pool table comes with shake-proof washers on the railings. These are designed to prevent a screw from coming loose. With these features in place, your table could outlive the pyramids. The ball return works great with 2 ¼ inch balls. The balls are returned to the retrieval opening straight away. This is a coin-operated table and can be deactivated anytime players want to run unlimited games.


  • You can choose a gold trim rather than the standard silver chrome option
  • Coin operation can be deactivated anytime
  • Cloth color can be changed
  •  Balls are returned to one end of the table where you can grab them yourself.
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Has a hinged and locked hatch under the table for leg storage and cleanout


  • Cloth is not water or humidity resistant
  • doesn’t have added exterior edging around and under the table edge for extra support


Does size matter?

This is a quetsion many customer services people have to answer on a daily.

I mean if you’re asking any player, the Answer is most DEFINITELY. YES. The SIZE determines the amount of satisfaction the player is going to get out of the game. YES. GAME. We are STILL talking about pool tables lol.

Where will I put my 6-foot pool table?

Smaller table sizes, such as 6ft models are perfect for those who have small room sizes These home pool tables give you the ability to practice and have fun without taking up as much space as larger pool tables do. Here are a few tips and pointers to pay attention to when picking a spot for your 6-foot pool table. Avoid punching your fri

Make sure your pool table is:

  1. In a space where you know the dimensions of. Know your pool table dimensions as well.
  2. In a position where the cues don’t hit on the wall while you try to shoot
  3. In a position where you and other players have enough room to comfortably maneuver at all times

Pool table dimensions and space for a 6 footer

If you know the dimensions of the room you plan on putting your pool table in, this chart will make things super simple. Below you’ll find what size room you need for any pool table size. Starting with the 6 Foot pool tables.

Pool Table Dimensions

Quick Measuring Tip

  • If you can give yourself a good 5ft of space all the way around your pool table, you should be ok regardless of what length your pool cue is. This is if your pool cue isn’t any longer than 58 inches which are known as the standard length.

Learning on a 6 foot Billiards  table? Wise or Absolutely ridiculous?

Alright lets be honest, most people have been clowned for purchasing 6 foot pool tables. This is based on the fact that these tables are pint sized and aren’t standard size. They dont give players the best in terms of bounce and how fast the game play will be. Yes they are as fragile as a house of crads. And half the time the items they come with are cheap quality.

BUT. For any begginner who wants to learn or a teacher that wants to teach a new player the game, a 6 footer is your best bet. They are space savers and if handled with care they will last for years. Most come with free shipping and the price wont break your bank. Like any other pool table, keep it in a wether proof room ,buy it a cover and pay attention to care details.



Most of the tables reviewed are indoor tables and are made from materials that are not resistant to all weather conditions. Things like water, humidity, Sunshine, and excessive movement will warp and may even destroy your Man caves most prized possession. Be sure to keep your table covered and indoors always.

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