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The top 6 best, 8ft pool tables for sale

Whether you looking for standard-size pool tables or maybe tournament pool tables, an 8 foot billiard table is what you want and need to get. The perfect game table is without a doubt one that not only combines your style and tastes, but this piece of furniture will also add a subtle touch to your home.

Simply knowing if your room size is agreeable with your chosen pool table dimensions is one of the first and very vital things, and will allow you to make the most suitable and informed purchase. We have gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best 8-foot pool tables to assist you with what many would consider a tedious activity. After reading this article you should be well informed on the pool tables, prices, and also shipping options.

Our 3 choices for a great 8 ft pool table with slate over $1500

A shortlist of 3 of the most fancied slate pool tables. Topping the list with of course the most expensive of them all.

 The Luxe Teckell Biliardo Collection


  • Table Sizes -8foot and 9 foot
  • Price- $40 000
  • Made with 15-millimeter glass panels
  • The base is solid oak wood and slate that is leveled using 12 screws.
  • Legs are made of inclined crystals.
  • Has a polyurethane layer under the felt (cloth) surface making it soundproof.
  • The table can also be customized with a top frame that is made with walnut, hand-sewn leather, chrome, or gold.
  • 25 different shades of wool cloth for the table surface are also available.
  • Pockets are made of a very flexible polyurethane material which allows the pockets to expand as balls drop in and then return to their original shape when they are emptied.
  • Comes accessorized with items such as four cues, a game triangle, a pro-ball set, and a pool cue chalk set.

Olhausen Billiards Pool Tables


  • Table sizes- 6 Foot, 7 Foot, 8 foot, and 9 foot
  • Price – ranges from $3000 -$4000
  • Made from Slate and Garden Oakwood for more easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Has options of Dining table top conversions and add-ons to play other billiard games
  • Customization and more than 2 pocket choices also available
  • Has a Fringe and shields
  • The table felt cloth comes in 24 colors to match any décor.
  • Has exquisite Rail Style
  • The range comes with standard – Pool or snooker pool tables
  • Comes equipped with cue sticks, chalk, table-cover, triangle, and balls
  • Shipping worldwide available

Spencer Marston Newport Outdoor Pool Table


  • Table Size -8 foot
  • Price -$4000
  • A 3-piece hardwood, quad-beam, and slate 1 inch thick heavy-duty table
  • The cloth is a Simonis 860 which is known to provide a smooth play area and upgrades are available
  • Has the Manhattan drop pocket style
  • Tapered legs and genuine leather carved shield
  • Has an accessory Deluxe kit with triangle, cue balls, chalk, and 2 sticks.
  • Has a gorgeous Satin, Black but is also available in more thShipping options available in and around the USA

Our 3 choices for decent 8 ft pool tables with slate under $1500

Now that you’ve seen the most luxurious pool tables, the following list is made up of the more budget-friendly as well as reasonable tables.

Barrington Arlington 100″ Billiard Table

Pool table dimensions of the Barrington Arlington 100" Billiard table


  • Table size 8 foot
  • Price-$950
  • Smooth playfield area due to woolen felt pool cloth and slate material
  • Has 1-inch thick playfield with double side lamination giving it durability
  • This table has a Reinforced wood grain top tail and apron for stability and longevity
  • Its drop pockets are leather and classic parlor-style
  • K66 (gum rubber cushions) bumper ensures amazing ball bounce play and return
  • The ball claw two-toned leg design
  • All Accessories included – one set of standard size billiard balls, two standard size 57-inch cue sticks, one wooden triangle, two chalks, and a plastic brush

Pool Table 8′ feet – Vintage Red

Vintage red with container benches for a pool party


  • Table size -8 foot
  • Price-$1300 
  • The frame is made out of slate wood and has chrome-plated corners and legs
  • Has regular-sized drop pockets
  • Feet are adjustable to level the table
  • Assembly is fast and easy
  • Has an automatic ball return system on the shorter side of the table
  • It is dark brown with red felt cloth
  • Comes with cue balls,6 cues, a scoreboard, pool table cover, brush for felt cleaning cloth, and chalk
  • Has the option of adding benches and dining top.
  • Free Shipping is available in the USA

Mosconi Donovan II 8′ Billiard Table


  • Table size- 8 foot
  • Price -$1400
  • Constructed with durable and extremely smooth Slatron which is a synthetic slate material
  • Has a modern black and red finish
  • Durable red felt for smooth and even ball movement and play
  • Comes accessorized with 2 cues, a triangle for racking, 2 chalks, a cleaning brush, and a set of billiard balls
  • The table has chrome corner caps on all 4 corners and Arcade style legs
  • Leg levelers for table size adjustments
  • Requires little assembly effort
  • Free shipping options are available for the tables

Top 3 8’ non-slate pool table under $1500

Augusta Non-Slate 8 foot table

The Hathaway Augusta model with walnut or mahogany color


  • Table Size- 8 foot
  • Price- $1400
  • Only available in color Walnut
  • This table is made of MDF wood and has chrome corners
  • Its finger-jointed interlocking interior frame supports beams and perimeter anchor blocks that provide the most rigid rock-solid table stability.
  • The legs are adjustable with the use of the levellers found on the feet
  • Has a modern model of the ball return system
  • Known to be crafted with a traditional style and showcases superior craftsmanship.
  • Comes with cue sticks, chalk, different sizes of cue balls, and a wooden triangle
  • Shipping available

Hathaway Carmelli Augusta 8′


  • Table Sizes- 8Foot
  • Price- $1300
  • Designed with a unique stylish arched-frame cabinet with some decorative routing
  • Constructed with 1 inch thick MDF wood on the play field area, enveloped in a stunning maple cover
  • Also has solid maple hardwood top rails that have inlaid diamond sites
  • This pool table has the K-66 profile gum rubber cushions which provide a more precise ball action
  • The legs are ball and claw style incorporated with transition plate technology that has 2-inch adjustable leg levelers
  • The frame is UV-cured making it extremely durable
  • Pool table available in a Rich Mahogany Finish
  • Has 4-inch W interlocking cross and center support beams, heavy-gauge powder-coated steel gussets, and European fasteners for durability and frame strength
  • Included are 16) pool balls, 2 57-inch 2-piece billiard cues sticks, an aluminum bridgehead, a 2-piece bridge stick, a racking triangle, a rail brush, and a felt-matching cue chalk

Minnesota Flats Covington™ 8′ Pool Table


  • Tables Size- 8 Foot
  • Price- $1300
  • The playing field is made on a Dur-a-bond bed (which is basically particle board injected with resin to harden it and make it Sturdy)
  • Has drop pockets with diamond embossed shields
  • Constructed with inlaid round rail sights (easy assembly)
  • The table’s Play Surface is made of manufactured wood
  • Frame material is also manufactured wood
  • Does not have a ball return system
  • Comes with a table brush, pool cues, a set of balls, and chalk

Our overall favorite

With the many options that you will obviously be faced with, let us give you a little review of our best-loved 8-foot size pool table. This beauty not only has absolutely unbelievable features, but the price of this piece of furniture is also a real bargain. It is stylish and yet very modern. A top pick for the home game room. To add the cherry on top of the cake SHIPPING IS FREE!

Pool Table 8′ feet Full-Optional – Vintage Blue with benches

NB*This is similar to the Vintage Red Billiard Table and contains all the options of Billiards


  • 8-foot size table
  • Price – $1800
  • Described as a professional dark brown billiard with blue felt cloth
  • Has chrome-plated corner cups on all four corners
  • The frame is slate wood and so is the flat playing field
  • Has K-66 cushion rubber for smoother ball play
  • This slate pool table weighs 339 pounds
  • The drop pocket diameter on this pool table is the regular size
  • Has adjustable feet to keep the table level
  • Features automatic ball return system on the shorter side


  • Dark brown in color
  • The benches are 70.8 Inches in length and 11.8 inches in width and come with a height of 17.3 inches

Accessories included are;

  • 15 Numbered Balls plus a cue ball
  • 15 Red Balls with a cue ball
  • 6 Balls of different colors
  • 6 Cues (4 Cannon and 2 Rest shafts that have rest heads)
  • A Scoreboard
  • A Pool Table Cover
  • A Brush to clean the felt Cloth
  • 2 Chalks and 2 Triangles

How to know if an 8-foot pool table is right for my room

Pool tables demand a comfortable space to play the game properly. When you decide to buy a pool or snooker table, you must pick the right size pool table for your available space. Your playing style depends greatly on this information. Our room-size pool table guide provides the perfect minimum room size you would need for different sized tables. Here are some TIPS to take note of when buying your 8ft games table.

  • The most popular table size is 8 feet x 4 feet mainly for home use with the standard 57 and 58 Inch cue stick.
  • All minimum room dimensions are calculated according to cue sticks sizes and this ensures that you have enough room space to play.
  • *NB* 8-foot Professional American pool table size is larger than standard 8ft tables, and will require more room space.
  • Here are some basic dimensions for the 8ft and the Pro 8ft

Room Dimensions

Size- 8ft pro table

  1. The playing field area is 92 inches x 42 inches
  2. Minium room dimensions for a 58-inch cue stick – 17′ 4 inches x 13′ 6 inches
  3. Minimum room dimensions for a 52-inch cue stick – 16′ 4 inches x 12′ 6 inches
  4. Minimum room dimensions for a 48-inch cue stick -15′ 8 inches x 11′ 10 inches

Size – 8ft table

  1. The playing field area is 88 inches x 44 inches
  2. Minimum room dimensions for a 58-inch cue stick-17 inches x 13′ 4 inches
  3. Minimum room dimensions for a 56-inch cue stick -16 inches x 12′ 4 inches
  4. minimum room dimensions for a 48-inch cue stick -15′ 4 inches x 11′ 8 inches

Cueing space and size

The cue sticks you add to your shopping cart are a major key to the best pool game experience. Knowing the perfect size of stick you choose is something you need to be sure to get right. You will find the information provided above very helpful in, making sure you don’t bump into any furniture or walls while playing your games. Shorty cues are also an option to consider if you’re a shorter player and find the standard pool cues too long to use. These come as small as 36, 48, and 52 inches in length. They are also absolutely great options if your pool table is going to be used by your kids. These mini models will also come in handy if you need to get around load-bearing obstacles in a room.


Your playing style and the experience you are looking to get are other things to consider. Are you more of a tournament-style or friendly home-style type of gamer? Well even if your playing style is a mixture of both you don’t have to choose with 8-foot sized pool tables because these are more often than not considered to be standard pool tables. In some tournaments and leagues, they will consider their 8-foot pool tables to be tournament tables. Although it’s also referred to as a home eight table because it’s popular with family owners. Players say that shots are more mid-ranged on 8 ft pool tables. A large number of players consider an 8-footer to be flexible and an absolutely delightful common ground for all skill levels of play. These pool tables are said to be enjoyed by the majority of players, no matter what their style or experience is known to be. You also have the liberty to choose the look that goes more with your game room surrounding. Things like felt and frame color, rustic and classic or modern and sleek are all little details that add to your personal touch.

Space-Saving Plan | Convertible Pool Tables

Are you a little short on available rooms? Why don’t you try blending your dining and games room? Your pool table can also act as a regular dining table. There are endless lists of game tables that combine an industrial style with a contemporary, modern antique feel. These types of pool tables usually come with a dining top, a table tennis option, and of course a pool tabletop. No need to worry about where to put the accessories, the best of these game tables come with a compartment that can hold these and more.The best of both worlds in a single table.


Here’s to hoping this article gave you a clearer overview of the cons and pros of choosing an 8-foot pool table over the other table sizes.

Our main aim was to make the choosing process less tedious and as hassle-free as possible.

Owning your own pool table is so much fun. That’s why I started Pool Table Master.

Remember to consider things like Brand name and shipping because pool tables are very heavy and require manpower. Take advantage of the sites that offer good deals and sales, and free pool table assembly.

Feel free to call billiards stores and enquire further, sending an email is another option. Look at brands with a page for their best product reviews.

Check for the warranty, just in case you have a reason to return items.

Online stores have great products that will give you all the freedom to choose without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Remember a room chart is a must.

We hope the questions you may have had have been answered and that we have left you in a better position to add the best pool table to your home furniture list. At this point, all we say is Happy Shopping!