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Best Pool Tables- Ready for Some Pool?

If there was one thing I enjoyed in college, it was playing pool at the pub. We’d order that horrible cheap beer that was always on special, eat the free pretzels and play pool to the point where we were devoid of laundry quarters. 

It’s a ton of fun, and now that I have a family of my own, I love finding ways to spend time with them. And when the guys come over for some football, we love playing a few rounds of pool while the halftime report comes on. 

A pool table is a great way for your family to have fun, too. Let’s learn about some great tables. 

Top 10 list:  Best Pool Tables

  1. Classic Sports Pool Table

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table - Green - 87 Inch - Features Durable Material with Built-in Leg Levelers

Key Features/Benefits: 

  • Available in green or tan
  • Measures in at 7 feet 3 inches
  • Features a classic ball and claw leg design
  • Comes with two cues, a set of balls with which to play pool, two billiard chalks, a billiard triangle, and table brush
  • Features leg levelers so people of all heights can play comfortably
  • Great for rooms that are at least 17Lx13w. 
  • Comes from a manufacturer known for providing great games for both indoor and outdoor use

This is an elegant and classy pool table that will have your game room, man cave or finished basement looking like the place to be. It looks old in that vintage sort of way, but still new and fresh at the same time. It’s got all you need to get two  people joyously  playing pool right out of the gate.

Assembly won’t take too long relatively speaking; users noted it took about two hours to put the thing together. I want to make it clear that the legs are plastic; they look really cool, but if that’s not your thing, make sure you are informed before you buy. Trust me though, it still looks really great and your family is going to LOVE playing on this (and even mastering some pool tricks in the process). 

Another small but really nice touch I liked was the pockets. They are made out of a nice quality leather. They aren’t so deep you’re going to be fishing around for your balls, but deep enough to know when you’ve sank ‘em! 

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  1. Barrington Springdale 90 Inch Billiard Table Set

Barrington Springdale 90" Billiard Table Set with Cues, Rack, Balls, Brush, and Chalk (23 Pieces)

Key Features/Benefits

  • Comes with 23 pieces of equipment which includes 2 chalk cubes, 1 rack, 1 brush, 2 cue sticks, 15 billiard balls, and a cue ball. 
  • Features beautiful clawfoot design which is classy and vintage but timeless.
  • Great way to have fun with the whole family, pool is a game people of all ability levels and ages can play
  • Deck support is nice and strong, it is made of 18mm particleboard that features a strong wool fabric blend
  • Table weighs in at 198 lbs. and measures up at 90” x 51” w X 31” H.

The hardest part about buying this particular pool table is going to be which one you want. I personally liked the Hawthorne model, because it reminded me of my favorite Irish pub. Meanwhile you might really love the Urban model, which definitely looks like no pool table I’ve ever seen but is still a very cool table that will provide your family and friends some fun when it’s cold, rainy and snowy outside. 

These pool tables are top notch. They have tough bumper guards which will keep everyone safe, and a scratch resistant top rail as well. I loved the nice wood veneer; the cherry finish looks so classy and beautiful. With a look this nice, I imagine my wife might let me keep this thing upstairs and out of the man cave- I think yours will, too! 

Another thing to note is the drop pockets. Wow, what detail. They look like something you might actually find in a bar or gaming complex. It’s just a small detail, but I really couldn’t stop looking at it- a nice touch if you ask me.

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    1. Atomic Hampton 3 in 1 Combo Table: Includes Billiards, Table Tennis And Dining Table!

Atomic 7' Hampton 3-in-1 Combination Table Includes Billiards, Table Tennis, and Dining Table with Dual Storage Bench Seating, Grey

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Easy to convert into dining table or pool table- it comes with ALL accessories for each of the games
  • Comes with two benches, that are upholstered and feature storage, which are great places to not only sit but also to store your gaming tools and accessories
  • Beautiful design- looks modern and features a nice gray color which goes with every room
  • Will go nicely in any room of the house, man cave, dining room, living room, you name it
  • Comes with enough for two people to play, so be prepared to buy more accessories for both games (it helps to have extra paddles and cues, in case one breaks).

This table is super cool, but very heavy- just warning you! The package it comes in clocks in at 400lbs, and the largest part makes up the big part of that weight. Instructions on this thing note that you need 6 people (that’s a lot of help!) during the assembly as a means of lifting and flipping the table. So, you will need to factor in the cost of pizza and beer to reward your “workers” after you have them over to help set this thing up along with your pool table cost. 

This pool table not only offers a fun spot to play, but you can also dine on the elegant gray finish surface, wipe it down with a damp rag after, and move on with your day. It looks very nice anywhere you put it, and it’s easy to turn it into a pool table or a dining room table. Just flip over the dining top and your table turns instantly into a spot to play pool or even table tennis.

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  1. Triumph Santa Fe Billiard Table 

Triumph 89” Santa Fe Billiard Table Featuring Traditional Claw Feet and Drop Pockets

Key Features/Benefits

  • Beautiful billiard table measuring in at 90 in L x 50” W and comes with beautiful claw feet as well as stunning side pockets
  • It looks beautiful anywhere you decide to put this pool table, and comes with classic green felt nylon play surface
  • The claw feet have leg levelers so that the table can stay nice and even, if the floor is not
  • Billiard cabinet that comes with it is mostly assembled, and you only need to put on each leg
  • Comes with two cues, a set of billiard balls, chalk, a triangle, and brush

I want to make it clear that the legs of this pool table are not wood- instead they are made of a very hard plastic, but still look very nice. It’s relatively easy to put together, only takes about two hours, and then after that you will be playing pool from sunup to sundown.  Just make sure you check your box over to verify everything is in there- one user noted that they were missing their pool sticks in the box. 

Aside from this, it’s another solid choice that your game room, family room or man cave is sure to love. Once it is assembled, it weighs in at 190 lbs. And since it comes with all you need to get started, you will love playing it that same day you put it together. 

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  1. Hathaway Spartan 6’ Pool Table

Hathaway Spartan 6' Pool Table, 72" L x 38" W x 31" H, Black

Key Features/Benefits

  • Allows you to save space and have twice the fun with this great table tennis/pool combo. This is a lightweight table tennis top that installs easily over the frame of the table, which keeps the fun going with minimal fuss.
  • Great for kids, too- This table is quite big but still small enough for kids to look, learn, play and enjoy themselves all while developing thinking skills, motor skills, sportsmanship and other life skills through pool.
  • Modern and hip design- this definitely doesn’t look like an old school table. The surface is black melamine and the felt surface is a sharp burgundy. It looks beautiful and won’t clash with your family room or game room.

For the price, buyers everywhere are raving about this cool table tennis/pool combo table. Don’t be fooled. Just because it says, “Kid friendly,” does not mean this is a child’s toy. No way. It’s great for homes that want a pool table but need just a wee bit smaller table to ensure it fits and looks nice. 

The investment reflects that this is quality and a good investment, but it’s not so expensive you need a second mortgage on the home. I noticed that the set of pool cues and balls that come with it are smaller than regulation size. If you are playing for fun with the family, this is no big deal, but I personally prefer the regulation size stuff. So, just something for you to keep in mind. In sum, it’s a great buy and the users absolutely love it.

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  1. Triumph Phoenix 7’ Billiard Table

Triumph Phoenix 7’ Billiard Table with Table Tennis Conversion Top for a Game of Pool or an Action-Packed Table Tennis Match

Key Features/Benefits

  • Another great product from Phoenix! This table allows you the chance to play table tennis or pool with your family. 
  • You can match the table to any room in your home, easily. This sleek black finish means it is going to look nice no matter where you place it. 
  • You will get all the accessories you need to get started playing either of the games. The table comes with two paddles, two balls, and a post and net for table tennis, and for pool you get two cues, a set of balls, a triangle, and chalk
  • Very affordable, most families can save up for this and enjoy the fun that comes with it

Here we have another beautiful table that is a bit smaller than a full-size table, but enough for kids, adults and anyone in between to have a nice time, enjoy themselves and get into the competition. The cues and paddles that come with the game are nice enough, but you may want something a bit more sturdy. 

The table is nothing to worry about- it is a heavy one and stays in place. Meanwhile, you may wish to end up getting some different cues. Users report that they enjoyed the cues, but others indicated they felt a bit flimsy. So, you might consider getting some different ones. 

All in all, people love this pool table/table tennis combo and I think you will too. Measure your space and see how it will fit and buy with confidence.

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  1. Mizerak Dakota 8’ Slatron Billiard Table

Mizerak Dakota 8' Slatron Billiard Pool Table Includes Two Cues, Billiard Ball Set, Triangle, Brush, and Chalk

Key Features/Benefits

  • Offers consistent rebound: comes with three ⅝” rails that have nose rubber made of K66, rail integrated pockets that feature a ball return system
  • Mizerak offers customer service that is second to none, staffed with friendly people ready to help
  • The table is balanced and even- the legs are reinforced pedestals and feature leg levelers
  • Features metal frames and laminate cabinet for great stability
  • You can buy in Slate or Slatron styles

The Slate model and the Slatron tables don’t look much different in appearance, but the difference lies in their weight. The Slate clocks in at 685 lbs, while the Slatron hits the scales at 335 lbs. 

When you get this, you will get it in a total of three boxes. Installation will take about five hours if working alone but get some friends or your family to help and it will go much faster. The action on this table is a bit on the slow side, but not bad at all.  One enthusiast even noted this table is a copy of the ultra-mega high-quality Brunswick Black Wolf table (which costs over $3,000 by the way).  So, if you want that high end look but a price tag everybody can afford, this is the way to go. 

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  1. Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table

Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table with Classic Style Billiard Pockets and Contemporary Straight Legs, Oak Finish with Bronze Colored Cloth Playing Surface

Key Features/Benefits

  • Comes with K66 Rubber bumpers and 6-inch rails that feature diamond inlays, and beveled legs that have wood veneer mahogany
  • Comes with two 57” cues, a set of billiard balls, a resin triangle and two pieces of chalk
  • Drop pockets are beautiful and add to the classic design of the table
  • Feet of the table come with levelers so you can adjust the height to accommodate flooring that is uneven
  • Comes with a seven-year warranty for the playing surface

This is truly a beautiful piece of equipment. Assembly is going to be time consuming, but not so hard that you can’t do it or have to hire a professional. It will take about four hours with two people working to get this put together.  It is totally worth the work, as the table looks great in your home and plays beautifully. 

This is an ideal table for family use, or if you have those types of friends who tend to get crazy when they play. It can really stand up to the wear and tear that comes with playing for hours.  It’s heavy duty and you are going to love it.

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  1. MD Sports Billiard Table Set

MD Sports BLL090_147M Titan Pool Table, Black, 7.5'

Key Features/Benefits

  • This is close to the pros as you’re going to get! This measures in at 7 and a half feet long and is perfect for having friends over. It’s best suited for teens or adults, so if you have kids, they will grow into it.
  • Comes with all you need to get started on pool adventures. You will love the official size balls, table brush, triangle, cues and chalk cubes- all top-quality stuff, too.
  • Made of 18mm thick laminate felt, which means durability and flat roll are a given. 
  • Rails and base are constructed of medium-density fiberboard- very sturdy.
  • Tough and will stand up to all the many games of pool you will play with this fun set!

So, let’s make sure we are clear- pro pool tables are usually about 8 feet long. So, it’s not exactly the same size as a pro table. But the construction? Second to none. The felt is nice and deep, as a result, the action is certainly different than what I’ve seen on a real pool table but still really great. 

The table itself is made well, looks beautiful and comes in at a reasonable price. You might need different sticks- users noted they felt light- but aside from that, we give it an A+!

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  1. Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table With Auto Ball Return

Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table with Automatic Ball Return, Electric Blue Playing Surface and Included Billiard Accessories to Play Out of The Box

Key Features/Benefits

  • Great 7-foot pool table that has a really neat blue playing surface
  • Includes two chalks, two pool cues measuring in at 57”, resin triangle, and a set of billiard balls
  • Comes with a .75” MDF playing surface and rubber bumpers, plus includes leg levelers so you can play in comfort even when the floor is not even
  • Great way to play as if you were in the league or the pub, as the ball return is amazing
  • Looks great in the den, man cave or family room

This is a sharp-looking table that will have you playing pool with your family in just 90 minutes. That’s how long users stated it took them to put it together. The table just looks so sharp, and we’ve never seen a blue playing surface before. It comes in just one color but looks so good and your family and friends will love practicing their tricks or playing against one another on this sturdy and well-priced table. 

The rubber bumpers, for example, are awesome and will make even the most difficult bank shots a reality. The ball return is a nice touch, too- very easy to get the balls back once you’re up for another round.

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Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Right Pool Table

Curious about what to look for when it’s time to shop? This part tells you a few things to look out for when picking your pool table. 


Honeycomb- This is a surface that looks like the honeycomb bees make. It is compressed by hardened plastic layers. It does not warp, but it is rough as far as play surfaces go. These are lighter and tend to be a bit unstable. 

Slatron or Permaslate – This is a mix of particleboard covered by hard plastic and a layer of condenses. It is the best of all the synthetics when we talk pool tables and is considered the most durable. It’s great for those of you that demand quality but might not have the money for a high-end table.

Particleboard or MDF – this is a fiberboard of medium density quality that is good at first, but we do find it warps over time. Changes in your home’s temp and condensation will affect this table over time, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s definitely of lower quality but it is a way to grant access to pool for EVERYONE to enjoy. 

Slate – the best of the best. This is the highest quality surface that allows players to enjoy smooth, clean shots. Italian and Brazilian slates are considered to have the best reputations. It is exactly as it sounds: a heavy rock that splits into flat and wide pieces. Because it is so heavy, it’s difficult to ship and transport. It often comes shipped in pieces you put together as the table is assembled.

Styles of Pool Tables

Your pool table is not some ornament for decoration. Instead, your table becomes a focal point of your den, family room or man cave. Choose a style that suits your family’s decor. 

Contemporary – These pool tables are modern in style and put a new twist on an old tradition. They are angular tables in colors like black and might even have funky colored felt such as red or blue instead of the usual green.

Modern – These tables break all tradition. Legs might be pedestals instead of claw feet. Pockets could be uniquely designed. Felt can be any color. Neon or LED lights can be found on the table for decoration or for help with highlighting a shot. 

Classic – These tables are made for players to enjoy the game as it was played in the old days- green felt, claw feet or wood veneer finish, and that old-timey feel we all enjoy are hallmarks of these classic tables.

Pool Table Size

Make sure you measure the space you have before you start shopping. This will make it easier to know what you can afford to fit. 

Professional tables are sized 8’x4’. Meanwhile 7’ tables are mostly found in bars and game rooms as this is a place where pool is played for fun. If you can swing it, go bigger because this is more authentic and offers players a more professional feel. 

Do keep in mind that you will be using standard size 57” cues, so make sure these cues don’t knock over or interfere with anything else you will be near as you play, such as ornaments, vases or breakables.

What to expect when ordering online

Buying a pool table online is a lot like buying other items online, and then again, it’s not. Yes, it’s simple- you just enter the card details and a few days later your table shows up, ready to be assembled. 

That being said, there are a few things to think about when you buy online. 

Your Stuff Might Break. I hate to rain on the fun parade, but if you read reviews, you ALWAYS come across some poor soul whose item was damaged in shipment. This is likely not going to happen to you, but it could. Be ready to ask for a replacement part if this happens. 

You Might Need to Schedule Delivery. Some of the great products we offer say, “Available for scheduled delivery.” This is a good and bad thing. You can be home so your big investment isn’t swiped away by some porch pirate with a pickup truck, but then again, you also have to ask for time off work so you can be there to get it unless you can schedule it on your off day. So, be ready to make arrangements with your manager. 

You Need to Measure. You cannot see these pool tables in person as you would in a showroom, so make sure you measure carefully and read over the measurements on the product descriptions. It’s going to be way too hard to ship these tables back, so measure twice, buy once.

You Need Helpers. These are not hard to assemble but you will need help. So, buy your friends some beer, (or sodas if you are not of drinking age) and some pizza and offer them all the pool they want once they help you assemble the table. 


I hope you and your family have a wonderful time playing pool together, making memories, and enjoying your free time. Which of these great quality tables will you buy?