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Four out of 5 top tables are made by the game room expert Hathaway Games and Sports. They have been known to splendidly combine customary manufacturing strategies with innovation. The outcome? Prevalent quality items that many have been enjoying for many years.

Hathaway pool tables are perceived for being space-sparing and simple to assemble-just how you need your home tables to be. They additionally have a decent blend of both established and contemporary outlines to suit different tastes.

In particular, their items give the best value for your cash. High caliber and economical ordinarily don’t go together, yet Hathaway makes it conceivable. Below are our reviews of top 5 best Hathaway pool tables.

Hathaway Fairmont 6′ Portable Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table for Families with Easy Folding for Storage, Includes Balls, Cues, Chalk

The Hathaway Fairmont 6′ is littler than normal bar pool tables however its quality makes it ideal for a considerable length of time of family satisfaction. It is a tough table upheld with a simple collapsing leg system and leg levelers.

The Hathaway Fairmont little pool table is 6 feet long and is perfect for cramped home spaces. It weighs 190 lbs. however; it can undoubtedly be set-up and moved around due to its simple collapsing legs. The blue mixed polyester and fleece felt looks incredible with the table edge. It feels great and permits the ball to roll easily.

It accompanies standard 2.24″ balls and two 48″ cues that are ideal for more youthful individuals from the family. The table additionally accompanies an entire set of accessories. Obtaining the table will likewise give you 2 bits of cue chalk, a table brush, a racking triangle, and a polyester storage pack.


  • Portable
  • Easy assembling
  • Easy to store with collapsing legs
  • Have stabilizing leg levelers
  • Comes with accessories, for example, standard-sized balls, cues, rack, brush, and chalks
  • Sturdy and tough
  • Looks elegant


  • Short and lightweight cues
  • Felt is smooth yet not strong

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Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set

Hathaway Park Avenue 7' Pool Table Tennis Combination with Dining Top, Two Storage Benches, Free Accessories

The Hathaway Park Avenue is littler than a normal sized pool table, yet it is generally moderate and a proficient multi-functioning. It can easily be changed over into a table tennis court or a dinner table.

It likewise accompanies a twofold sided cover beat. On one side is a table tennis court while the opposite side is a plain dark surface which in a split second changes over it to a supper or multi-reason table. It comes in two flawlessly pressed boxes and measures more than 300 lbs. The playing surface is a three-quarter inch thick MDF covered in red felt.

Its multi-usefulness is supplemented with an entire set of accessories: pool signs, pool balls, a racking triangle, chalk, net, posts, and two paddles. Its leg boards have individual levelers, making it versatile to blemished floor surfaces. The exemplary dark table with a chrome emphasizes exudes refinement.


  • Affordable
  • Multi-functional
  • Excellent bundling
  • Classic outline
  • Comfortable seats


  • Heavy

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Hathaway Hustler Pool Table

Hathaway Hustler Pool Table, Blue, 8-Feet

The Hathaway Hustler belongs to the lower value range of pool tables, yet it can give some great quality family amusement. It weighs right around 300 lbs. It is a 7′ pool table with blue covered MDF. It has great quality pads made of unadulterated gum rubber. These add to the table’s competition-style feel since they give only the appropriate measure of bounce. It additionally has a ball return framework for simple re-racking.

There are 6-inch leg levelers to help you keep up a firm and stable playing table. The table accompanies an entire set of pool adornments. It has two 57″ cues, two bits of chalk, a table brush, and a racking triangle.


  • Affordable
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Fast action elastic pads
  • ​Ball return mechanism
  • ​Complete accessories
  • Modern look


  • Heavy
  • Poor quality cues
  • Slightly twisted felt
  • Small ball return opening
  • Balls some of the time stall out in the pockets

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Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis and Pool Table

Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game with Red Felt and Blue Table Tennis Surface. Includes Cues, Paddles and Balls

If your spending permits and you are searching for a pool table to unite the family during ends of the week, then get the Hathaway Maverick. The Hathaway Maverick measures 7 feet and is littler than a control estimate table.

The pool table playfield is made of 3/4″ thick MDF covered with red felt. It has strengthened rubber pads however the ball does not bounce back rapidly.

The Hathaway Maverick is a flexible table. After a tranquil and strategic billiards coordinate, you can appreciate a more adrenaline-pumping table tennis game close to each other.

The table tennis top is 1/2″ thick and comes in two blue pieces with dark edge trim. It can be effectively gathered for a fast amusement change. It measures more than 200 lbs. It accompanies complete accessories for both games: 2 prompts, 2-1/4″ pool balls, 1 plastic triangle and chalk, table tennis net, posts, 2 oars, and 2 table tennis balls.

Generally speaking, this adaptable table gives great esteem to the cash. At the cost of one table, you can enjoy both billiards and table tennis.


  • Easy assembling
  • ​Space sparing
  • ​Easy switching between pool and table tennis
  • ​Adjustable legs for leveling
  • Comes with vital accessories for both table tennis and pool


  • The felt is wrinkled around the edges, has stick recolors, and is not extremely strong
  • ​Very little bounce back from pads
  • ​Poor quality signs and table tennis rackets
  • Some reports of legs without pre-penetrated openings and missing screws upon conveyance

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Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40 inch

Hathaway Sharp Shooter 40-in Portable Table Top Pool Table Set with Cues, Balls, Racking Triangle - Blue Felt

Hathaway Sharp Shooter is a tabletop pool table. It has short L-formed legs with cushions. It is set up on a table and in uncommon cases on the floor. It measures 24 pounds. The table’s play surface measures 37 by 18 inches.

It is covered with blue felt produced using fantastic texture which is splendidly appropriate for pool billiards. You can anticipate that the balls will roll splendidly on it. The table has a MDF bed which is 1.25 inches thick and which is CARB certified.

There is a set of frill incorporated into the bundle. These accessories are 2 36-inch cue sticks, a total set of 1.25-inch billiard balls, a triangle, 2 bits of chalk and a cleaning brush. The table is very versatile too. It is genuinely conservative so it should not difficult to store also.

You can put it under a bed or in a storage room.


  • Great outline – The tabletop pool table has every one of the components which you require for having a great time while playing pool.
  • ​Fully prepared for use – You will get every one of the embellishments which you have to begin playing immediately.
  • ​Entertaining and competitive play – This little pool table will truly give you that fulfillment which you are searching for regardless of whether you are a casual or aggressive player.
  • ​90-day constrained warranty – This is not the longest or most thorough assurance, but rather it is still very great.
  • Durable


  • Leg get together is required –Can be trying for individuals who are not handy.
  • The triangle does not have a great outline – You won’t get a flawlessly tight rack.

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Hathaway pool tables are one of the most prevalent pool table brands in the market today, and fairly so since they have constructed their notoriety for being deliberate as they have manufactured each of their pool tables as the years progressed.

Their many years of experience and passion for the game permit them to truly realize what purchasers need: quality, reasonableness, and excellence. Their tables give all of you that and many more.

Whether you need to play your most loved game or you need to begin a new hobby, a pool table is an awesome expansion to any home. If you own a business, you can even stick one in your office to keep your clients and customers engaged. Rather than settling for a sub-par table, ensure you’re totally happy with your buy and get years of use out of the above Hathaway pool tables.

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