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Pool Table Master is a reservoir of pool table knowledge.

This authority comes from buying and selling own pool tables.
It comes from playing on slate. It comes from playing on MDF.
Learning the DOs and DON’TS of buying second hand tables from Craigslist.
Making SHOCKING errors with maintaining pool table. Fixing mistakes without breaking the bank and our marriages.
Learning the best place to put pool tables inside and outside.Testing all the sizes. In our basements. In dining rooms. In game rooms.

We will answer your doubts-amateur and professional.

Choosing the RIGHT size and brand for you

This is the topic all players argue over. What size is best to practice on? Will my friends shame the size that I have? Is 9ft better than 8ft? Diamond pool table vs Brunswick Billiards. Sounds like a classic “whose wood is larger” contest.

I got lost in all the noise. So I decided to seek the answer for myself.

Standard Pool Tables

7″ pool table

Commonly found in bars, a 7ft pool table is the second smallest size on the market. Very popular with amateur leagues. See my TOP picks in the 7ft pool table space

8″ pool table

The most common pool table found in homes. Nicknamed the “home eight” table. These are my personal choices for a 8 foot pool table

9″ pool table

This is the classic tournament size that you will see on ESPN. It is, to put it simply, massive. And it was a massive task to list my top 9-foot pool tables that I would show off.

6″ pool table

This is the smallest, standard-sized table on the market. Although there are smaller models. Also found in bars but more popular in homes for less experienced players. I complied a list of four, 6 foot pool tables that bar owners love.

Different types of pool tables

An old-school player told me to consider 3 things. Size, Types and Brand. So I did just that and explored all the types of pool tables that exist.

Outdoor pool tables

These are back in fashion. I found that outdoor pool tables are more popular in the south. Think Texas or Florida.

Slate Pool

My old man once told me, “Son, playing on slate is like driving a BMW. You look good with it. It feels good. And are guaranteed quality. These are my favorite slate pool tables.

MDF Pool

For those with fewer bucks to blow on slate then MDF should be next on your list. HINT: Avoid using this in the basement.

Contemporary Pool Tables

In layman’s terms, this means the modern pool table. Think the Harley-Davidson of the millennials. Stylish, a chick-magnet and trendy.

Pool table with dining top combo

This dining top and pool table combo helped solve a friend’s marriage crisis. One got a pool table. The other saved space and had a dining table for the kids. A win-win solution for all.

Portable pool tables

Okay lets get real here. Portable and decent are pool table descriptions that don’t go together. BUT. Yes there is a but. It is a good idea for those starting out with pool.

Brands of pool tables that we rate

Our Top List of Overall Brands

Our overall best pool table brands that we think are the best in the world in 2021.

The Hathaway

Whilst not on the same level of Diamond or Olhausen, the Hathaway is still a good brand to consider.

My guides to pool cues

For those wanting a quick overview, check best pool cues for the money. It summarizes 10 sticks from the $100 bracket to those that you need to drop $1000 for.

Frequently Asked Questions and How-to Guides

Of course, we were not just asked advice about buying pool tables. We received more general questions from friends and readers. So over some drinks we compiled every single question we had ever been asked.

And I mean every question.

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