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How to move a pool table

Moving your pool table is a task you rarely ever think of unless you’re moving out of your home into a new one or moving it in from the store. Whether it’s the former or the latter we feel you should have all the adequate information on how to move your table safely and correctly, without breaking or damaging anything. So here are some simple tips, tricks, and pointers to help guide you when moving a pool table.

Our Chosen Method To Moving A Pool Table


There are a couple of important things to consider before moving your table. The disassembly process, tools needed, or if you will need the help of other people or the movers. Let’s jump into all that starting with step 1-;


NB* Having a bag for all the smaller parts is a great idea.

Lay under the pool table facing upwards

  1. Begin by TAKING OUT THE BOLTS that are holding the pockets onto the table being careful not to drop and lose any staples
  2. Now you need to UNSCREW THE SIDE RAIL BOLTS ( and pack them away ( there are usually three bolts per rail) along with the side pockets
  3. Carefully TAKE OFF THE RAILS. Check to see if the pool table has more than one piece per rail or the ones that are comprised of different pieces, and set the side rails aside somewhere where they are safe
  4. REMOVING THE FELT-Check if the felt is attached to the pool table slate using Glue or Staples. Once you’re sure what holding the felt carefully work with your fingers, if (a) Glued down pull back very gently from one corner of the ball pockets off the table. Use extra care for the corners and drop pockets. Fold the felt and pack away.
  5. If Stapled down use a tool eg staple remover, a flat screwdriver, or pliers to carefully take out all the staples.
  6. REMOVING THE SLATE -This is the heaviest part of the pool table so if you don’t have the movers then you will need the help of other people. Before you lift the slate Remove the screws using a power drill if you own one. Because some tables are held together by extra bonding materials like beeswax coating you should try and scrape it off before drilling out the screws from the pool table. Once all the screws are removed from the slate you may lift the slate and put it aside.
  7. REMOVE THE LEGS – This is the simplest task because the majority of the legs on pool tables are simply screwed to the frame. Although in some cases you might find nuts that are easily removed with the help of a socket wrench.

Moving the table around the house

If you’re wondering how to move a pool table into another room in your home you will be able to do so without too much of a hassle. All you would require the use of Pool table lifts and or furniture sliders

Pool Table Lifts

This is one of the best tools you can use to easily move a pool table. These lifts are specifically designed to help move pool tables. All you do is place the lifts under the center of the pool table then use the lever on the table lifts to lift the table off the ground. The wheels at the base then make it easier to roll the table from one room to the next.

Furniture Sliders

This is a piece made of hard and durable or rubber on one side (for carpeted floors) or spongy felt pads for hard floors on the other side. They come in different shapes and sizes (round, square, triangle, small and large)

To move the table over a very short distance across any space, you can attach furniture sliders to the bottom of each leg and gently slide the pool table.

Moving the table to another house

In the case of moving pool tables out of one house to another, you can utilize the use of Dollies

*A dolly is a boardwalk on wheels. It is great for moving large and heavy items – to use is all you do is lift the piece on the boardwalk, secure the dollies in place, and navigate them towards where you want it to go*

You will require the use of 4 dollies, one for each leg of the table as well as 2 0r 4 people who will help with the balancing of the pool table on the dollies while they are in motion. When this is done you can now proceed with moving the pool table out of the house. Make sure the dolly is secured and locked to avoid the pool table from rolling off. Move at a slow sturdy pace.


Here are some useful tips on how to move a pool table without damaging or losing any pieces.

  • To prevent the damaging of the corners and edges of your pool table line and cover them with small foam bumpers or soft cloth
  • Note that the slate is the heaviest part of the pool table. Individual slate pieces can weigh anything from 400 pounds or heavier, so get people to help you with the lifting of these parts. Or instead, get professional movers to assist you
  • If you’re using dollies to move a pool table make sure the dolly is locked in place while loading the pool table to prevent it from rolling and hurting anyone in the process
  • You don’t want to lose or confuse any items and parts of the pool table so make sure you bag and label everything including the slates.
  • Make sure you measure doorways before attempting to move an assembled tabled lest it doesn’t fit.
  • Use the correct tools for every process to avoid damage to your table
  • Have all the suitable moving supplies and tools
  • Look into renting a moving truck or organing the appropriate transportation for moving a pool table
  • Get as much help as possible (muscle power)
  • Be sure to measure all doorways, staircases, and hallways

Can I move the pool table without taking it apart?

Firstly you must know that this is no easy task and there are risks of damaging your table. Pool tables are not only fragile they are also very heavy so if you have no manpower, but you may want to give the job to professionals or ask for information on how to move a pool table without damaging it. However, with extra care, and correct instructions you can get it done.

NB*Keep in mind that moving a pool table without taking it apart is only for a short distance, not changing complete locations.

Step 1

Measure the doorways, exits, and stairs to ensure your table will fit without being scratched or chipped.

Step 2 

In order to lift one side of the table off the ground, you will need 2 people and another one or two people to place the sliders or dollies under the table legs. If you use dollies, make sure the wheels are locked when you go to lift the other side of the table. Once the table is secured on the dollies, the table is now ready to be moved for a short distance. Unlock all wheels of the dollies and you can now begin to navigate to the new room

What is the easiest way to move the table?

Honestly speaking the easiest way to move a table is having someone else move it for you. It is also Expensive. A third-party specialist can come in, take it apart, and hand it over to the mover. Then, the specialist will return and reassemble it in your home. The moving company you use will have recommendations for these kinds of specialists.

Tools you will need

When planning on how to move a pool table without professionals you should start by gathering your tools and supplies. A toolbox is a fabulous step to start with.

  • A power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Lots of foam rubbers or thick blankets to wrap and protect all the slates and parts
  • A staple remover to help remove the felt cloth. Office supply stores, such as Office Depot or Staples have these available

Make sure you have all the requirements

Before starting to move your pool table make sure you write down a list and that all the requirements are present and all necessary steps have been checked and ticked off the list. The tools, the parts of the table mainly slates, corner pockets, rails, legs, table frame, and any other piece from the table are safely packed away in labeled bags and placed safely in the home. Having this list will make the procedure, effortless and less hectic on the day of the move.


There are a few things to take heed of before and during moving a pool table. Whether you’re moving the table disassembled or without taking it apart you must be sure to follow certain rules so as to protect yourself and your friends as well from any accidental mishaps.

  1. Never tilt the table on its sides if you are moving it without taking it apart
  2. Always make sure there is no one is in the path that you intend to use when moving the table
  3. There is a higher risk of damaging your table if you are not gonna use a mover
  4. Do not attempt to move pool tables across locations without taking them apart
  5. Clean up and discard any piece of cloth or fabric lying around as they can entangle the dolly wheels and hinder the whole moving process.

How much does it cost to disassemble

The cost of disassembling each piece from the table is usually an average of $370 and prices range from $200 to $600. This might seem a little absurd but this is because the process usually comes as a package deal with moving the slate table as well as paying for the specialists to come out and take it apart and put it back together. Moving companies will ask about the distance you are moving it, location, and others might even ask about stairs, the size of the table the model and make of the table, whether the table has pockets or a ball return system, how old your table is and, the pieces of slate that it has.

Repairing Old/Worn-Out Parts

Services like refelting the table, replacing the bumpers, ball pockets, and slate as well as any piece you may have lost during the move will cost you anything from $200 to $550 depending on what extra service you want to get. A hardware store is a great way to get quotes for everything you might need

Replacing felt is recommended when moving your table because the chances that you will tear the felt are very high. This process costs  $265 to $450 for a 7 footerwhereas an 8-footer costs $270 to $500 to refelt. These prices depend on the quality and type of fabric.

Bumper Replacements cost anything between $60 and  $180 if you replace the bumpers at the same time as the felt and $200 more to disassemble, move, and reassemble.


After you’ve gone through all the tips, warnings, and general information provided here we hope you will be able to weigh your options and make a good decision. Moving a billiard table is not easy and if you decide to have professionals come out to reassemble or move your pool table is a great idea still. But if you and your friends love to challenge each other then this might just be the type of fun you can get more than a kick out of.

After the table is reassembled in your new location be careful with the liner on top of the slates it needs to be straight and make sure the whole table is to level. Floors are not always super flat or even, so you need to make sure that when you put a ball on the table, it does not roll on its own.