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Is a 6-foot pool table worth it?

Many people ask themselves this very question. A 6-foot pool table is often thought of as a kid’s or practice table. However, anyone with limited space or is in need of practice will appreciate a six-footer. Here is a quick and helpful article that will answer all the right questions for you.

Does Size Really Matter at all? What is the standard-sized pool table?

Most guys would say size doesn’t matter. And in most cases, I would agree. I was taught that strokes are what counts. But, in the game of pool, we would be pushing it if we said size didn’t matter.

If a player intends on playing professionally he is required to know how to play on a standard-size pool table. This is anything between 7-foot pool tables and 9-foot pool tables.

How does the size of a pool table affect gameplay?

Anyone who knows how to play pool knows that the bigger the pool table size the better. There are a number of things to consider when looking to buy a 6-foot pool table. Let’s run through the major things.


The speed of the game also depends mainly on how fast the balls are moving. Usually, the felt cloth is responsible for this. In this case, the size of the balls is much smaller because of the table’s size. Because the balls are smaller they move much faster than normal balls.

This in turn means the gameplay is much faster.

For pool players who play for fun, this is great.

Factors To Consider When Looking Into 6-foot tables

Room size

Making sure you have enough space to place your pool table is at the top of the priority list. Your game room needs to have enough space to have cue sticks of any length.

The pool table has to have enough room for a player to take shots without bumping the wall or other furniture. The minimum space you should work with is 16 feet x 13 feet.

This space will be just right if you are tight on space.

Cue Stick

The standard size of a pool cue stick is 57 inches. On a smaller table, any other pool cue could easily just not work.

The position and stance of your body and cue stick are the killer combination of pocketing balls.

Pocketing shots is much easier on a 6-foot pool table. This is because the less distance you have to cover, the less accuracy you need.

Cue Balls

The billiard balls on a 6 footer are usually the regulatory  2.25-inch balls that weigh 6 ounces.

There are some six-foot pool tables that come with smaller billiard balls which are lighter and not the best to use. You can always order yourself a new set of balls if you don’t like the ones that come with your table.

Playing Surface

6-foot pool tables are generally made to be portable. This has ups and downs.


  • They can be moved to any location as and when needed
  • They are easy to move around in any game room for an easier shot and stance adjustment


  • The Playing Surface of the table is not as flat as an 8-foot table or 9-foot table
  • The ball moves and reacts differently than it would on a flatter pool table.

How much does a 6-foot pool table cost?

There is one thing you can count on with a 6 footer. The price is not going to break your bank.

The most you will pay for a 6-foot pool table is $600. These are of course the high-end models. A regular good quality 6-foot table costs anything from $300-$500.


  1. Shots are more precise and easier to make
  2. The pool table is portable
  3. Easy movement of the table around any room
  4. Can be bought for small spaces
  1. Cue length is limited to how much space you have in a room. (A disadvantage for taller or bigger players)
  2. Balls and pockets are much smaller. Player switching to a larger table will find the adjustment difficult
  3. The playing surface of a 6-foot table is not flat


Is a 6 ft pool table for Children?

Yes and Yes. A 6-foot pool table is actually the recommended size for kids. The 8-foot pool table and 7 ft are also recommended. This is because it gives your children the advantage of learning how to play like experienced players.


Is a 6-foot pool table worth it?

Just like any other pool table a 6-foot pool table is a great investment. You can never go wrong with a pool table in your home.

Whether you use it indoors or as an outdoor dining table is neither here nor there. Fun is guaranteed to be had. And of course, home pool lessons are the best way to bond with the little ones or even your loved ones.

A 6-foot pool table should be counted as a must-have!