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Find your modern pool table with an ultra cool design

Modern pool tables, together with all other tables on which cue sports are played, are major investments, and they are a great determinant of whether or not billiard sports will be successful.

Modern pool tables can go for any price between $800 and $5000, and they offer users variations in terms of wood, slate, cloth, and feel. To make sure that an investment in these billiard tables is secure, one has to educate themselves on the different types of pool tables.

There are many kinds of Modern pool tables out there, but this article has narrowed down to five of them which are considered to be the best on the market right now.

1. TandS Tabletop Billards and Pool Table Game

STS TandS Tabletop Billards and Pool Table Game


This modern pool table is 30 inches long, and it comes with everything one would need to initiate a game of pool at any time. It weighs a total of 7pounds, and right out of the packaging, it is ready for use. The only thing one would need assemble are the four legs.

This modern pool table comes with 2 cues, chalk and a brush, a cue ball, and a triangle rack that has 15balls. It is neither too big nor is it too small, and it also comes at a very reasonable price. It is an ideal modern pool table to can be used by both kids and adults.

2. The HLC 6ft Foldaway Pool Table

HLC 55" Folding Space Saver Pool Billiard Table


What makes this modern pool table stand out is the fact that it has a fold-away leg support that facilitates easy movement and storage.

It is generally well built, and the folding can is easy enough to be done by one person. It comes with clear instructions on how to assemble it, and the assembly can be done by a maximum of two people.

While all the necessary accessories are included, this table has many small parts that are likely to cause choking hazards to children under the age of 3, and should, therefore, be kept away from them.

When no one is playing, the table can be slid into a closet or a corner.

3. Hathaway Fairmont 6ft Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table for Families with Easy Folding for Storage, Includes Balls, Cues, Chalk


This is one good looking modern pool table that has all the accessories one would need. It is portable and folds up very easily to help save on storage space.

It includes a full billiard ball set, a table brush, 2 pool cues, cue chalk, a polyester bag, and the conventional triangle rack.

It is made of black engineered wood, and it has a wool blend for the roll surface.

This modern pool table is designed for smaller room spaces, and it is neither too heavy nor too light, for stability. It can also be easily fit into the back of a truck or a van.

4. Mesa De Billard Y Mesa De Pool

Costzon 47" Folding Billiard Table, Pool Game Table Includes Cues, Triangle, Chalk, Brush for Kids (Black & Green)


This Modern pool table is the ultimate addition to any game room or man cave, and it features traditional-style claw legs and balls, and also parlor style drop pockets. Its finish is scratch resistant and very durable, It comes with all the required accessories to kick start a pool game.

It comes in pieces, which means that it has to be assembled. For anyone not looking for a compromise on anything less than a complete pool table, this is the right modern pool table for you. It has a standard size, and its shinny wooden design literary draws people to it.

When there is no pool game going on, the table adds to the ambiance, and it will look good almost everywhere it is placed.

5. The Mini Folding Pool Table

Mainstreet Classics 20-Inch Table Top Miniature Billiard/Pool Game Set


Though a miniature version of the real thing, this modern pool table offers just as much fun to anyone who uses it.

Standing at a height of 29 inches, the table is made from solid hardwood. Its legs can be folded, and it holds 6 netted pockets. It also has all the necessities of a modern pool table, starting from the cues to the table chalk and brush.

It is particularly suited for teaching young kids, or even adults, how to play pool before they move to the fully sized table.

Though the balls it uses are small, they are extremely realistic. Its size and the fact that it can be folded means that it can be moved easily, and it can even be packed into a van when traveling.


Ever since billiard games were first introduced, pool tables have gone through a number of changes before they finally came to be the way we see. Many things have changed, and at the helm of it is technology.

Portability has come to be a very important aspect in the equipment and tools being used today, and that is why our list has featured some of the notable portable modern pool tables.

The above list has touched on all the important features of these pool tables, and what exactly makes them unique.

A purchase of any of the above mentioned modern pool tables either for business or recreational purposes is a sound investment that will be of service for many years to come.

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