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Wood warping. Short life expectancy. Spongy felt. Water in the ball return system. These are the Four Horsemen of outdoor pool tables.

And these are just the heralds of more doom.

Don’t worry, I bring you FOUR miracle workers.

In 10 minutes, I will show you four pool tables that break the problems of playing outside. This guide includes:

Felt that is water-resistant and DODGES fading.
Tables with 1 or 3 piece slate bases. For ROCK SOLID support.
Materials that are IMMUNE to warping and rusting
Life spans of between 2 and 10 years to enjoy many professional games.

Let’s get this ROLLING!!!

Spencer Marston Tucson 7 Foot Outdoor Pool Table

Key Features

Felt: Sunbrella

Slate: One-piece

Frame: Aluminum

A lifesaver for the family man. Pool table, dining table, AND table tennis rolled into one.

AND it comes with matching waterproof benches. If you are as short as I am, then standing on top of them helps to make a perfect shot. So far not a single dealbreaker for a family dad.

The frame is extruded aluminum to resist the elements. Extruded aluminum? The f$%K is that you ask. Extruded aluminum is like pasta from a spaghetti-making tool. The compressed frame is a solid and uniform frame with no defects, resistant to rust and corrosion.

The wood is treated to avoid rotting and backed onto the metal. This avoids pealing from air pockets unlike glued on. The result is a shield against humidity and UV rays.

For a family guy, this works like a charm when other families are around. Plus the kids do their homework on it outside. Later they are reward with a game of 8-ball or table tennis.


  • Ideal for both kids and adults.
  • Dining surface top that converts into a ping pong table/table tennis table.
  • 42 colors to pick from.
  • UV and fade resistant that retains the color.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • 2 outdoor benches.
  • PLUS a waterproof cover .


  • Pros do not buy it.
  • HEAVY AS A TON OF BRICKS. I need to call my younger but more beefy brothers to move it around. EMBARRASSING for me!
  • Does not have leg levelers.
  • The Sunbrella fabric takes some getting used to.
  • No sights on the rails – Very Strange!!!

The Imperial 7ft outdoor pool table

Key Features

Slate: No

Felt: Subrella and Taclon

Frame: Anodized aluminum

This is one durable beast of a pool table.

Why you ask?

Two words-Anodized aluminum.

For us mortals this is like tanning to protect against sunburn. Further exposure to the sun adds greater protection. Or like putting a vaccine in the table to protect against air, humidity and water.

The frame, corners, rails and legs are all anodized. So 365 days a year bodyguard protection against the elements.The cushion bumpers use K66 rubber. This is 100% gum. No recycled crap that reduces performance and longevity. Expect balls to bounce off easily.
Added to the cushions is control fabric made with polypropylene. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that. But it is game changer. Little friction. Resistant to moisture. Can take a hammering from hard hits. Easy to repair.

The felt cloth is Taclon & Sunbrella. Both are water and UV-resistant. Taclon is a tough cloth made wool and nylon or polyester.
Sunbrella cloth is made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic. This means it is dyed to the core of their fibers. This guarantees that the felt color WILL. NEVER. FADE. Even if there is prolonged sun exposure. It is breathable and UV, water, mildew, bleach, and stain-resistant.
Someone said that even you assembled it on top of Mt Everest and left it there. It would be intact when you came back for it.

But all things have a downside. The control fabric of the cushions does get damaged by the sun over time. So use a cover. And it can go up in flames quickly. So do not smoke your joint whilst playing.

With good care it will last more than 5 years.


  • Assembly in under 10 minutes- Just bolt on the legs
  • Felt is a combination of Taclon and Sunbrella
  • Great bounce off cushions
  • Felt colour never fades
  • Frame is resistant to humidity and water


  • The cloth for the cushions is flammable

Imperial 8 foot Outdoor pool table

Key Features

Slate: Yes. 1-inch backed slate

Felt: Any of your choice

Frame: MDF

The 1-inch slates are 25% heavier than ¾ Inch slates. But the extra weight makes installation SIMPLE. The weight of the slate will press the table evenly to the floor. This makes levelling a breeze when assembling it.
And as we all know. Slate is waterproof.

It comes with Uni-body construction. For us mortals, this means that the frame and body are one single structure – The Frame. The Bed. The Chassis. This means you can assemble it in less time.

The solid, wood-tapered legs give a perfect balance to the table. Tapered means the legs are thicker at the top and thin out towards the bottom. Think of Dwayne johnson. Big thighs and thinner but firm calve muscles to hold up his upper torso.


  • Easy assembly
  • Waterproof
  • Fire retardant
  • You can buy any cloth of your choosing, style, and color


  • The cloth is purchased separate to the table
  • Hard to move
  • 1-piece slate does have problems with warping
  • The cloth is purchased separate to the table
  • Hard to move
  • 1-piece slate does have problems with warping
  • The cloth is purchased separate to the table
  • Hard to move
  • 1-piece slate does have problems with warping
  • Performance Issues. Some players find that the table’s surface might not be as smooth. The reason is that 1-slate has leveling problems vs 3-piece.

Toulet Broadway Outdoor Pool Table

Key Features

Slate: 1 piece or 3 piece slate

Felt: Anti-UV treated cloth

Frane: Metal

Known to some as the French men’s tables. But to most as the user-friendly pool table.

The table sizes are from 6-foot to 10-foot.

The frame and ball return are metal. AND treated against rust. Any pool player knows the only thing worse than the wrong size cue is having a ball stuck in the ball return system.

The slate is also treated against rust. YES you heard me. Toulet is the only pool table that protects the slate from rust. Rusting on slate is rare but it happens.

The combination of these materials makes for a table that is AS STRONG as ZEUS himself.

The cloth is anti-UV-treated. It means the cloth retains its colors after many of sun exposure.

These pool tables are French hence the name. And of course the undeniable status they carry.


  • Available as an English pool table or American Pool table.
  • 1-piece or 3-piece slate
  • Wide range of table sizes (Not sure what size you need? Click here to find out)
  • They come equipped with perforated hardware. This is a metal that allows for AIR, LIGHT, SOUND, and LIQUIDS to pass through. Meaning water drainage is enabled.
  • Comes with free delivery and installation. No need to sweat it out to the backyard.
  • Customizable with any cloth made from polyester resin


  • The option of a dining top comes for an extra fee
  • Not cheap (if price is a factor for you)

Fusion Outdoor Slate Bed Pool Table

Key features

Slate: 3/4 inch

Felt: Polyester Resin

Frame: Marine Plywood

Legs: Aluminum

Size: 7 foot and 8 foot

This Rolls-Royce of an outdoor pool table features a 3/4 inch slate bed.

If you are a family guy, and you plan on teaching your little ones the game of pool, this table is your jackpot win. Changing the height from normal to dining size in just one click.

BUT it is hard to make level after each change.

This billiard game table is made from weatherproof marine plywood and waterproof glue. Marine Plywood is a type of wood that is stronger than most types of wood.
It has five or more layers bonded with waterproof adhesive. This allows it to carry heavier loads and repel moisture from its core.

It comes with a separate smoked glass dining top. This is a tinted glass used to save you from the harsh heat from sun rays. How? By filtering the amount of sunlight to pass through.

Whether it is a barbeque or just a beer with your friends, this table is a perfect addition to your man cave.


  • Internal ball return system with ball collection at one end
  • Aluminum legs with adjustable feet & size adjustments
  • You have the choice of matching dining/seating benches
  • Includes a FREE accessory pack
  • Choice of cloth colors


  • Not easy to level because of 3/4 slate
  • 7-foot size tables are not considered professional pool tables
  • The dining top is glass… THIS IS NOT A GOOD OPTION FOR OUTDOOR TABLES!
  • Constructed with MOSTLY weatherproof materials
  • These pool tables are made on order. So expect to wait 6 weeks.
  • Some parts of the table that are not laminated will show signs of mold and discoloring over time
  • The warranty warns not to leave out in the sun or the rain for extended periods of time because the quality of the cloth will get damaged.

Nb* Buying a cover and keeping it under a shed or patio will help to keep it newer for a longer time

Sawyer Twain Nomad 1000 8ft All-Weather Pool Table

Key features

Slate: 1 piece

Felt: Sunbrella

Frame: Powder-coated metal

This one-of-a-kind show stopper is made for those whose style is more MORDEN and HIGH CLASS!

Made with a 6-inch aluminum, uni-body frame.

This Billiard Beast will take your breath away with not only its beastly appearance but also its durability.

The frame has a powder-coated, textured finish which is super strong and durable. Powder coating uses particles of pigment and resin to create a protective finish. THINK Aqua Mans Trident – rust-resistant for centuries.

The Sunbrella cloth repels water, mildew, staining, rot, fading, and tearing. It is also UV-resistant.

The rails are tournament-grade rubber (K66).

(That’s 100% non-recycled gum for newcomers)

It is moisture-resistant and players rate the excellent ball play bounce it adds.

It is moisture-resistant and players rate the excellent ball play bounce it adds.

K66 rubber is flammable.

A cover will do great to protect it from the heat of the sun or barbecue flames.

The pockets are custom, handmade. So you get to choose the type of pockets you fancy.


  • The design fits well with most present-day decors
  • A formal dining top and ping pong top can be added to this table
  • Free shipping in the USA!
  • The playing surface is 100% weather resistant and shift-free.
  • Resistant to rust
  • Easy to care for (little to no products required )
  • The cloth is made from a Top of the Shelf version of Sunbrella that is WEATHERPROOF


  • Waiting time after your order is long (8 weeks)
  • Assembly is complex – professional help is recommended
  • This pool table is as heavy as TWO baby elephants ( 695 lbs)
  • Only 10 colors of cloth choices

OUR TOP PICK-Outback 2.0 Outdoor Pool Table

Key Features

Slate: 3/4 inch

Frame: Marine Plywood

Table size: 7 ft

The Outback 2.0 Outdoor is an English homegrown table.

Made with one-piece slate and pearl board bed. For clarity’s sake-; Pearl board is made from Formica and polyester resins. It is another less expensive choice for your outdoor pool table bed.

You can get in free play mode or with a straight six coin mechanism depending on what works best for you.

It has steel slate supports, which hold 3/4 inches of the finest quality Italian slate.

This outdoor pool table frame is marine plywood. It comes treated with a quality high-pressure laminate. Such big words huh? (insert sigh) Worry less. I’ll explain. Lamination is the process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers.

The combined material achieves improved strength and stability. It has ball return channels that are quick as lightning and quiet as a church mouse.

Talk about the best of both worlds.

Barbecues will always be hosted at your house with this sweet piece of furniture in your backyard or on your patio.


  • Free shipping in the UK.
  • Ball return is FAST and quiet
  • Its top frame has a lift-off design for easy installation and assembly
  • Comes with a FREE all-weather table cover
  • The cushion rubber gives a strong, consistent bounce


  • These pool tables are only available in a 7ft option.
  • Only has 5 felt colors choices
  • Any part that is not laminated is likely to rot, mold and discolor

Our Conclusion

In conclusion, whether you are looking for a fun way to kill some time over a game of pool or ping pong, or Just a place to have a nice cold beer and unwind. Any of the tables reviewed would be a CHOICE you will not regret.

No warping, No water damage or mold, and NO fading.

The combination of a dining table and a Pool table are a match made in outdoor heaven.

With our guide, picking an outdoor table is SIMPLE. So go out and make the best purchase for your patio.

Still not convinced? Check out our other articles on pool tables here or look at our list of modern pool table or portable pool tables as alternatives to playing pool in the outdoors.

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