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How much do the best pool table cost vs the average ones?

The process of planning for a pool table is just like preparing for a vacation. Things like space, size, and most importantly Price are top of the research list.

The cost of your new or preloved/ used pool table should not break your bank. Let us have a quick look at the things you need to consider, cost-wise to make sure you get the best value for your money. Let me help you find the perfect pool table for you.

How much does a pool table cost?|Pool table brands and their costs.

The average pool table costs anything between $600 and $1200.The cost of a pool table is determined by a number of things. The materials used, the brand, old or new pool table and whether it can be used outside.

A high-quality table costs more than an ordinary table does. The cream of the crop are heirloom pool tables. Think of the 15th century table that belonged to King Louis XI of France. Priceless.

Of course we are not treasure hunting here.

Standard Home pool table cost

Standard home pool tables range from $600 to $10000. Yes, 10k lol. But don’t run yet. There is a whole range of different sizes and designs in the middle to choose from. The price ranges of these tables are put into 4 categories. Toy tables, basic/Economy tables, Mid-range tables, and Heirloom/ custom tables.

Toy tables

These pool tables are usually within the price range of $600-$1200. The life span of these pool tables is no longer than 5 years. And that is pushing it. They can be bought at Walmart.

Toy pool tables can be used to practice pool games. Great for kids and beginners. But not for intermediate and onwards.

Basic/ Economy tables

Pool tables of this kind are usually found in home game rooms. They come in sizes that range from 6-foot to 7-foot pool tables. Their name tells us that they do not cost much. The prices range from $1200 to $2000.

A basic pool table can be slate or MDF wood. A good game of pool can be played on any of these tables.

Mid-range tables

Ranging from $2200 to about $3500. They are made from better quality materials than basic pool tables. A high-quality table in these price ranges comes with a a slate base inside the frame.

These types of pool tables come in different styles and can be customized to suit your taste and liking.

Brands such as Diamond Billiards, Brunswick Pool tables, Connelly Billiards, and Olhausen Billiards can all be found in this category.

Heirloom tables

These are usually pool tables that have been passed down generations. They cost a lot more than the average high-quality pool table because of their unique history.

Considered to be the creme de la creme of billiards because of the materials used in producing them. Heirloom pool tables cost anything from $3500.

They are made of exotic materials such as solid hardwood and tulipwood AKA poplar. Some tables will have semi-precious gems throughout the table.

Professional/ Tournament table cost

The standard size of a tournament regulation pool table is an 8 footer. Its cost starts at $1 200 to anything from $3 500 and $10 000.

A professional pool table costs a little bit more than a basic pool table. This is because the bigger the table, the more expensive it will be. The more material used to more expensive the pool table.

Wood /Non-Slate

The cost of any wood pool table varies based on the type of wood used, size, and style. If the leg and framework are more detailed the price will be higher than a plain design.

Prices for MDF pool tables are between $700 and $1 500. If the material used is of higher quality eg maple or oak it will be anything from $800 to $3 000.

Because wood lasts long and is not too heavy many pool game rooms have this type of pool table. Non-slate pool tables are also a hit on the budget-friendly list.

The Mizerak Dynasty MDF 6,5 ft is under $1 000 and is a jackpot for a small game room.


Most slate pool tables being produced now are made of a 3 layered slate playing surface. This type of surface gives a top-class professional feel to any player. Price points on these beasts are usually $1800 going up.

One-layer pool tables are also available but do not live up to the smooth play surface of a 3 layer. Any pool player would sacrifice extra pennies to have the 3 layers. Single-layer tables cost between $1000 and $3000.

Cheapest pool table under $500

The list of pool tables is endless. With some costing a few hundred dollars and others in the thousands. Owning a pool table should depend on your pocket. Getting the best value for your money is something you should always strive to do.

The Lancaster 7.5ft pool table

  • Made of MDF wood
  • Not as heavy or sturdy as slate but for a $500 deal, it is worth it.
  • Comes equipped with a set of pool balls, 2 cue sticks, a racking triangle, chalk, and a brush.
  • Might last a couple of years if taken care of properly.

Under $1000

Under the $1ooo price tag, things begin to look up. In this range, you can expect better-looking and more durable products. It may not have the best of the best, but the pool tables will last longer without stressing you out.

Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Pool Table

  • Comes with an automatic ball return system
  • Frame and legs are made of MDF engineered wood
  • Comes equipped with chalk, a resin triangle, 2 pool cues, and a set of billiard balls
  • Has leg levelers and rubber bumpers

Most expensive pool tables

Over $1000

The Barrington 100″ Claremont Slate Billiard Table

Costs $1 999

  • A 3 piece slate pool table
  • Has reinforced wooden legs
  • Comes with leather drop pockets
  • Traditional ball and claw leg design
  • K-66 rubber bumper cushions
  • Solid wood top rails and aprons

Most expensive pool table of 2021

There are many luxurious pool tables that have been made over the years. Some of them coting over $30 000. A pool table such as the Porshe Luxury pool table costs $42 000.

It has different designs and felt cloth options. This makes every single one of these tables unique.

The most expensive of 2021 is a whole different type of beast. The Queen Victoria Billiard Snooker Table.

The Queen Victoria Antique Billiard Snooker Table

This beast of a pool table costs $1 500 000. I know what you’re thinking, lol. But No, I did not get carried away with the zeros. This pool table costs one and a half million dollars. Please pick up your jaw from the floor. Back to the table.

  • It is a black walnut wooden table
  • It is an antique piece that was selected for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Exhibition in the year 1887. 
  • It is one custom made slate pool table
  • The side pockets are decorated with quotes from Shakespear, native British birds and 50 species of wildflowers,
  • Between the panels and above each leg there are carved portraits of some of the royals. Including William of Normandy. Henry 1st to 3rd. Edward and 2nd and many more.

This pool table holds the title for the most expensive of 2021.

Other billiards game tables prices

Apart from pool tables, there is 1 other type of billiards table. A Snooker table

Snooker table

The least that you can pay for a brand new snooker table is $3 000. Because they are larger tables they will cost more. Higher quality snooker tables can range anything from $7 000 to $10 000.

The wood and slate used in the production of these tables add to the value of these tables.

Different Pool  table sizes and their prices

A 6-foot pool table could never cost the same as a 9 footer. This is mainly because the bigger the table the more it costs to produce. Below let us take a look at the different pool table sizes and their prices.

The more synthetic materials that are used, the less expensive it is. Better quality materials such as hardwood, slate, felt and metal brings the cost of the table to higher figures.


The average pool table costs range from $300 to $650. With the most expensive being the Mizerak Dynasty Space saver.

And the cheapest being the Hathaway Fairmont 6′ Portable Pool Table. It goes for $215.42

6 footers are usually used as practice tables. Therefore anyone who wants to learn how to play pool can benefit from any of the above.


The Eastpoint  87 inch  Masterton is among the most budget-friendly 7 footers. It goes for $592 on Amazon.com.

Simba USA’s 7footer is among the pricier of 7 footers. It is a slate pool table. It costs $1800. Comes equipped with all the accessories needed to play pool.


Sitting on a $10 500 price tag. The Juniper 8inch.

It is a 1piece slate table, also one of the most expensive in the 8-foot game. It comes with everything from billiard balls to cues and chalk. It has no additional cost because shipping and installation are free.

The Urban 8′ Pool Table rides with the cheapest and most affordable 8-foot pool tables. It costs $1400.

It is made of a birch wood surface that has an oak finish. It has a 5-year warranty. With proper care, it will last for many years.


The Black PRC 9 Foot Diamond Billiards Pro-Am pool table

Coming in at $7 995. This is a professional/ tournament size table by Diamond Billards. This high-end table comes with a quiet ball return system. It is a 1 piece slate pool table. It is shipped fully assembled except for the legs. These have to be screwed onto the table.

On the more affordable end of the market. We have the Real American Eagle 9ft pool table by Game tables online store. This table comes with the option of coin operation. It has base and side LED lights. It has 29 felt cloth color options to choose from. It also comes with a ping pong tabletop option.

Cue ball and sticks are included. You also get to choose between drop pockets and a ball return system.

This amazing table costs $3 200. It has no additional cost as shipping is free across the USA.

How much does it cost to move and refelt a pool table?

Considering the available space and how much it will cost you to move your pool table should be at the top of your list.

Most quotes for moving and reassembling a pool table are from $300 to $600.

The cost of moving may vary depending on the distance between the old home and the new home. Some movers also charge based on the number of stairs to be climbed. Typically refelting and reassembling the table also fall under the moving cost. The cost of refelting a pool table ranges between $250 and $450.

Most people choose to move with their pool tables when they are moving into a new home. Billiard tables unlike built-in cupboards are what white is to rice for any game room. They have a special place in any man cave.

If you are buying a used or preloved table, have a little money put to the side for repairs just in case.

Also, consider saving some cash for replacing other equipment which may not be available from the previous owner.

What is the cost of a used/ preloved table?

The condition of a used table can determine the cost it sells for. Used tables are known to be a great bargain if you do not have enough money to purchase a new one.

Most used tables cost $300 to $600. This is for ordinary pool tables with sizes ranging from 6ft to 9ft. The antique and heirloom tables will cost more obviously. The intricate designs and quality of the frame and playfield affect their pricing. Proper care of your table and the purchase of more materials for repairs will ensure you have an amazing playing experience.


Is a pool table worth buying?

In these times of Covid-19, I say a pool table is a must-have purchase. Games can be enjoyed in the luxury of your home or porch. It is considered by some as part of the great American heritage.

The playing surface can also be changed into a dining table. A great space saver and avoids arguments with your spouse.

Guaranteed hours of fun and games, this is one item you will not regret buying. It helps that it last a few years without needing repairs if handled well.

What should I look at when buying a billiard table?

The market today is overflowing with choices of tables to choose from.


  • The room space you have for it
  • Materials used on the table and if you have a conducive place to store it
  • The price of the table you want
  • Shipping and transporting of the table

When should I refelt my pool table?

It is mostly necessary to replace the felt when moving your table. The process usually requires one to remove the felt.

You can also refelt when the cloth is worn out.

What makes other pool tables more expensive than others?

This question is often asked. The answer is simple.

  • Brand- The more a brand has a great reputation and years in the game then the more expensive their tables will be.
  • Quality- The better the quality materials used the pricier it becomes. In most cases, the legs and cabinet are made of quality materials which affect the price of high-end tables. Budget-friendly tables are made with cheaper materials to keep prices as low as possible
  • Style- What draws someone to a specific table is its design and the character it brings to the space it will be put in. The more the table looks like eye candy, the higher the price goes.

Difference between UK and USA prices

Because American tables are larger than British ones the prices in the UK are much cheaper. The balls and play surface and pockets are all bigger as well. Meaning purchasing in the USA will be more expensive.


I hope this article was informative enough to help you jump-start your journey towards making the perfect purchase for yourself. Other online show rooms may be a great place to find and compare prices.