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Anyone with a pool table knows that the most important thing is making sure your table is safe from anything. Be it weather conditions or beverage spills not to mention scratches from pets or kids. And to avoid any of these disappointments we suggest you get your table a cover. A pool table is an extravagant and pricey piece of furniture and therefore requires protection for its durability as well as your continued playing satisfaction. Here are the 4 main reasons that will leave you more than certain that a pool table cover is what you’re missing for your game room table to be complete.

Dust Protection

Protecting your pool table from dust is something you need to have at the top of your list because dust not only leaves unpleasant stains and fading on your felt cloth but also takes away from the smoothness of your table. Dust and debris accumulation over time can cause mites, which are a whole different nightmare altogether. The table cover you pick must be suitable to protect the table from damage from debris particles.

Increased Lifespan and durability

The durability and lifespan of your pool table lay in the ways you maintain your table and the table cover you have. NO sunlight or weather condition will ruin your table with the use of good and correct pool table covers. The cover of your choice should be heavy-duty and made from fabrics that can withstand any form of damage.

Water and Humidity Protection

Humidity and water damage is possibly the worst type of damage to any table because it causes rotting and deterioration to every part of the pool table. Steel and metal parts are left rusted, the wooden parts are left rotting and the table felt will be wrinkled and becomes faded and withered when water damage takes place. The pool table must be protected from spills of any kind by ensuring materials like Naugahyde are used when buying a table cover. It is also wise to make sure that even if your table is outdoors it is in an area where little to no water can get to it.

Protect from fading

Sunlight, water, and humidity are all a variety of factors that contribute to the fading of a pool table cloth. The felt cloth is possibly the most important part of the pool table because all the playing is done on it. Making sure that the felt has a pool table cover that will maintain its vivid color and flat surface should be a priority to any pool table owner. The table felt lasts up to 3 years without the need for changing the material if it has a cover with a durable vinyl or Naugahyde material to protect it.

What to consider when buying a Pool table cover

Before purchasing a cover for your pool table there are a few factors to consider to help you make the perfect decision;-

Size of the pool table

  • Measuring your table before making any purchases is recommended so that you get the correct size cover.

Ensure your cover fits the pool table

  • Be sure that the dimensions of the pool table cover you choose not only cover and wrap around the top playing field but also the legs and frame of the table.
  • In order to get an accurate measurement to try to measure your actual pool table.
  • Make sure that the table cover wraps around the whole entire pool table. Ideally, the cover should hang all the way from the corners of the table until the floor. This will ensure that there is protection for the pool surface and the wood on the legs of the table.
  • A cover that has excess material is the best to have because it will give you leeway to tuck or tie the covers to prevent any sunlight, rain, or wind from move the covers.


Picking a material that is heavy-duty and weatherproof for covers is very important as the durability of your pool table depends on it.m A pool table cover with adequate protection is the main aim of your search so materials like vinyl, Naugahyde, and leatherette are vital.


Before buying your pool table cover you need to be very certain that you are going to get value for your money as well as something that you can afford. The old saying goes ‘cheap is expensive, and in most cases this is true. Buying the best quality cover is usually the best way to go because you are guaranteed it will last so much longer and withstand better than a cheaper quality cover will.

Interior Decor

The color and design of your pool table cover should not clash with the color contrast and designs of the room it will be in. Looking up what color compliments the other for interior decor will give you an idea of what to look for when buying your table cover.

What are the different types of pool table covers?

There is a major difference in the material used to manufacture billiard table covers, each coming with a different color and feature from the next. Let’s have a look,

Leatherette pool table cover

  • Unlike real leather, this cover material does not need special cleaning or attention
  • It is made from a type of vinyl material that is not penetrable meaning sunlight, spills and humidity can not make it past it
  • The material is heavy just like leather making it very durable and heavy-duty
  • This cover gives off a very luxurious look and comes in any color

Vinyl table covers

  • This is the most sought-after type of material cover for a pool table
  • Its price is more on the affordable side
  • It is lightweight and is protective from sunlight
  • This type of cover is can withstand spills (waterproof) and is easily cleaned with anything from a brush to a vacuum cleaner
  • This cover is not usually recommended for people with pets or young children because it is not heavy and does not provide adequate protection against scratches or sharp objects
  • This type of cover should be handled with great care just like the table felt

Naugahyde Table Covers

  • Naugahyde table covers are considered very heavy-duty covers that provide much superior protection as compared to ordinary vinyl covers.
  • These type of covers can protect the pool table from scratch marks from any pets or children
  • This is a material similar to leather and is made of blended knitted fabric and enlarged polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic coating.
  • The cover is mold-resistant
  • Comes with UV protection.

Warnings – What you must not do

There are certain things that you should not do when it comes to the way you clean and maintain your table covers.


  1. Use harsh chemicals especially the ones used in cleaning detergents that have ammonia in them because this could cause damage to the pool table top as well as the table itself
  2. Embark on DIY projects that might require you to move your pool table without adequate help or manpower because this may cause damage to the structure of the table resulting in an uneven playfield. This would be a very hard mistake to reverse without paying for professional help.
  3. Cover the table with a wet or dirty cover. This will not protect the table.

Expert Guide to measuring the right pool table cover

  • Experts suggest that you measure your pool table and provide them with the exact measurements of your table.
  • After giving exact measurement from edge to edge. They add 1inch to 2inches as an allowance on the given width or depth for easy pulling on and pulling off of the covers making life easier for you.
  • The height dimensions will remain the same as provided by you
  • You will be asked whether you want the covers fitted to the table or customized to leave room for covering the whole table all the way down to the skirts and legs
  • Any personalized requests will be added to the covers as per your request


In conclusion, suitable covers will ensure that your pool table is fully covered from top to bottom. The cover should be durable and long-lasting. It should cover your table without leaving anything exposed to sunlight, humidity, or dirt. The color you desire for your covers should be complementary to the decor in the room the pool table will be kept in. The type of style of the covers also depends on whether you want luxurious leather or subtle vinyl. Keeping your pool table will not only add to its longevity but will also add to the smooth and fast movement and play on the felt playfield. So consider all this when buying your next batch of pool table accessories.