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What are the dimensions of the standard 6ft, 7ft and 8ft pool tables?

Whether you are looking to get a 6-foot table, a bar box, or a 9 footer. Pool tables just like any other table have different dimensions used to measure each one. These measurements will help you find the correct size table for any room size you may have.

If you are a math genius or just generally enjoy numbers I’m sure this article will be a great read for you. But if you dislike numbers as I do. Fear not. This article will not only explain in-depth But also very Easily show you how to stay on top of your game with pool table measurements.

In this quick read, you will learn all you need to know about any pool table and its various dimensions. As well as how to get the correct measurements.

The A-Z of Pool table Dimensions|Everything to know about measurements

Standard Pool tables come in 4 sizes. They are also categorized into 2. Home tables and Professional tables.

These tables can be likened to siblings. They are usually very similar in certain ways. But also have specific little things that make them different from one another. Lol.

The 7 foot pool table-Measures 39 Inches Across and 32 inches in height.

The Home 8-foot table -Measures 44 Inches Across ad 32 inches in height.

The Pro 8-foot table-Measures 46 Inches Across and 32 inches in height.

The 9 foot also known as the Professional Tournament Pool Table- Measures 50 Inches Across and 32 inches in height.

How to measure a pool table

When measuring pool tables you only need 3 tools. A tape measure, A pen, and a notebook.

Step 1

Take your tape measure and lay it open on the table

Step 2

Put the beginning of the tape measure on the edge of the table. Where the ball hits the Cushion. (not under the cushion)

Step 3

Measure from the edge all the way across to the end of the other cushion.

Different Game table Sizes/Dimensions

Just like a lefty can not wear a righty. Pool games have specific tables which have different sizes. Below is each game’s table and its dimensions in inches and centimeters.

Pool tables

A 6-foot pool table measures 29 and a quarter inches in length and 31 inches tall.

And 350cm by 273cm length and

This is considered standard by the World Pool Billiards Association.

7foot pool tables measure 93 by 54 inches in length and 32 inches tall.

And 236cm by 137cm in length and 81.3cm in height

The standard Home 8-foot pool tables measure 88 by 44 inches in length and

And 244cm by 112cm in length with a height of 74.3cm

An 8foot Pro pool table is 92 inches by 46 inches

This adds up to 233.7 cm by 116.8 cm

Its height comes in at 78.7cm

9-foot pool tables/ Professional Tournament tables measure 100 inches in length and 50 inches wide

Which is 254cm by 127 cm

The height of a nine-footer is set at 81.3

Snooker Table

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association view a standard size table to be 11 feet x 5 feet. Or 8.5 inches x 10 inches. This is 3569 mm by 1778 mm)

The snooker table is commonly called a 12 inch by a 6-inch size pool table. This is because other people measure from the outer rail.

Smaller pool tables, like the 10 foot by 5-foot table are also used in small bar leagues, pubs, and most homes.

Carom Billiards Table

The regulation size carom billiards tables are 10 × 5-foot in length. They have a playing surface that is 2.84 m x 1.42m. This measures 9.32 x 4.65 feet with a 5mm allowance.

This space is measured between the cushions of the pool table. The standard height of these pool tables is measured from the playing surface to the ground. It measures between 75cm and 80 cm

Because of the nature of the game of carom or bounce, the table has no pockets. This makes it one of the easiest tables to measure and work with.

Room sizes needed for any standard size pool table|Easiest room chart

Imagine bumping into a wall while you’re trying to sink a cue ball for the win. How anti-climactic! I know. Size is a touchy topic for many. But not all Big things work best. Considering a new pool table size is a decision that can save you unnecesary drama stress.

The pool table size is one thing to worry about. The size of the cue stick is another story altogether. You do not want to keep having to move the table around for every shot.

The following pool table room dimensions chart caters for both and cue size requirements.

Pool Table Length Cue Length Room Size Recommended

7foot Pool Table 48inch cue 11’3 “x 14’6”

7foot Pool Table 52 Inch cue 11’9″ x 15’22”

7foot Pool Table 56 Inch cue 12’8″ x 16″

8foot Poo Table 48Inch cue 11’9″ x 15’4

9foot Pool Table 58 Inch cue 13’10” x 17’10”

NB*These pool table room dimensions are the minimum measurements. How much space you need for each table and cue length will differ with each room. Make sure to give enough space, at least 3 inches with each measurement.

This is the link for Danny Vegh’s website. It has an easy-to-understand room chart for those using the standard pool cues stick. / https://youtu.be/Duuf7T1TZ1c

The right cue size and Cue space

The standard cue stick is usually 57 inches. However, professionals and more experienced players love to flaunt a 58-inch cue stick. One would say even more than an old man does a busty, young blonde girlfriend. But we all know dynamite comes in small packages.

So if you are low on space, or maybe you are still new to the game. Choosing a smaller or rather slightly shorter cue stick could help a great with your playing. A 56-inch pool cue could add to the space needed for playing pool more freely. Experts have sais that a smaller cue stick is recommended for any pool table size.

Not only do you get complete control of the stick..Wink ,wink. You also get to move more effortlessly in any given setting.I advise that you have at least 5 inches of space around the pool table so.

But of course if you have the room and more than enough space a 9-foot table is a great investment. All you need is 13’10” x 17’10” or more and you are set.

The chart above helps with table size as well as cue length. Put it to good use.

Home & Novelty Tables

There are some popular pool tables that come in different shapes and sizes. Zig-zag, hexagon, and circular shapes have been seen appearing from the ever-changing game of pool. Home tables do not usually have ball return systems.

Many manufacturers have created convertible tables. These double as anything from a table tennis top, a dining table, foosball, and even air hockey tables.

These home pool tables usually come as  4×8 ft or 3.5x 7 ft models. This is right in the middle of a 3x 6-foot bar or pub table and a 4.5×9 ft tournament-size pool table.

A miniature/smaller table ranges from 1x 1.6 foot to 2.5×5 foot pool table size. They use small cue balls and smaller cue sizes.


What are the most common pool table dimensions?

Because Pool is an international sport. It has different pool table sizes and dimensions. From 6-foot pool table sizes to 9 footers.

There is a standard table size for these tables which starts at a seven-foot table. The most common of these is the 8 footer.

The 8 foot comes in 2 dimensions. The Home 8ft which measures 88×44 inches. And the Pro 8ft which measures 92×46 inches.

The 88×44 is the most common, many game room have this Beast to provide entertainment galore. The 77×35 inches is also popular but is known as a bar box.

What is the standard size pool table?

The standard pool table size is the 8ft. Its playfield measures 44″x 88″(8’x4′). The 8foot table is the most common size sold in the USA for homes as well as private residences. 

However because british tables are smaller the standard in the UK measures 42”x84” (7′ x 3.5′).

Do different manufacturers have different specifications for table models?

Most manufacturers use the same specs. But you will find that others use their own measurements which will vary from others very slightly. Looking websites of manufactures that have been in the game for much longer is wise.

The more years they have under their belts the more credible they are. Good brands like Brunswik, Easpoint and Imperial will have similar specs and dimensions because they have been in the game for long together.

New pool table models may come with their own dimensions and specs because their type is still new.

 Do American and European Pool tables have the same dimensions?

Despite being a universal game. Certain things may differ from place to place. The Americans and British pool tables have slight differences in dimensions.

This is because the American tables are bigger than british ones. Everyhing from the pockets, the cue balls and height is diffrent.

A common example would be the American 7-foot table. It is the smallest of the American tables. But it is larger than the British 7-foot table.


Whether you own a 6-foot table. Or you are trying to buy Pro 9 footers for your pool halls. How much space you will require must be worked correctly and accurately. The minimum room size you require must allow you at least 5 inches of undisturbed space.

Larger tables require you to have enough room for you to play your games well. So dont go out shopping pool tables without whipping out your Bob The Builder skills. Measure and have the right room size for your playing area. Then go out there and shop pool tables.