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How many Official pool table sizes are there?

To the general public, this may seem like a trick question. Because every pool table looks the same right? Wrong. And don’t ever be caught saying this to pool players.

Pool tables come in 5 sizes. Yes. FIVE.

A 6-foot pool table, a 7 foot, an 8 footer, and a 9-foot pool table. (and a 12 foot)

(Use some of the intros from the “awesome intros (copy these)” sheet as this introduction is very short and doesn’t immediately grab my attention.

What is the regulation pool table size?| How do I know the difference?

The word regulation means a rule made or put in place and kept by a certain authority. In this case, the WPA (World Pool/Billiards Association) set the table sizes known as the regulation sizes.

The 8ft pool table is the regulatory size pool table. The regulation length should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide.

There are also other sizes known to pool players. We will get to those in a bit. There is a regulation size for the bar, homes, and tournaments as well.

What is the standard pool table size?

The standard table is the table size that is accepted or known as the normal size pool table. A home, bar, and or tournament all have different pool table sizes and dimensions as the standard.

Home Table size/ sizes

A standard 8-foot pool table comes measuring 88 inches x 44 inches. These pool tables are known as home 8 pool tables.

The name says it all, of course, it is mainly found in most home game rooms. An 8-foot size pool table can also add some character to any boring backyard or porch.

Tournament pool tables

Playing pool tournaments is something most if not all players look forward to. We could even say people learn to play pool with the hopes of one day being part of a tournament.

A standard tournament table is either an 8-foot table that measures 92 inches 46 x inches.

The 9 foot is also a professional standard tournament table coming in at 100 inches x 50 inches.

NB* Because bar tables/boxes are used for tournaments in some bars and pubs they are also considered tournament tables.

Bar pool table sizes

If you were to walk into a bar you would most likely find a 7 foot coin operated pool tables. This is the standard bar box.

It is also used for tournament games in arenas and pubs as well as playing regular pool games at home. 7 foot pool tables dimensions are 39 inches X 78 inches.

7 foot pool tables are currently on Legacy pool table’s website as a professional tournament pool table.

Rule of thumb for measuring room size needed

This is the rule used by most to get the correct room size measurements.

The easy ‘rule of thumb’ is: Start with the length and width of the pool table . Then you simply add 5 feet to each side of the table. This is all the way around it. For example, an 8′ x 4′ table needs roughly an 18′ x 14′ room. That is 8+5+5=18 and 4+5+5=14. Simple enough!

Minimum room sizes needed for each table

When thinking of playing a good game of pool, the room and space you will need is important.

Pool table room dimensions are the only way to make sure a smooth game is achieved.

A simple room dimension chart inches. This space below is slightly more than the space needed. But it is simpler and faster to use.

Pool table size and the room dimensions needed

6 foot – 16′ x 13′

7 foot – 17′ x 13.5′

8 foot home – 18′ x 14′

8 foot Pro 18.5 ‘x 14.5 ‘

9 foot tournament tables 19′ x 14.5′

Space needed using a standard 57’ pool cue

The pool table size and room size must also be insync with the cue length used i any room. How much space you have around the pool table is very important. The flow of the game depends on it.

I shall make a simple and quick chart of the dimensions ans room size needed when using a 57 inch cue stick. Pool cues do not have a standard size. They come in sizes ranging from 57 to 59 inches.

There is also an option for smaller cue lengths for smaller individuals and maybe even the seven dwarfs. LOL

Standard Table Sizes Room Size Needed with 58″ Cues

Seven foot table 13′ 6″ x 16′ 8″

Eight foot table 13′ 11″ x 17′ 4″

Nine foot table 14′ 6” x 18′ 4”

Do keep in mind that these room dimensions are for standard pool table sizes and are minimum room dimensions needed.

Smaller room dimensions needed for each table size

A chart for those with smaller room dimensions might be of use to someone tight on space.

Home pool tables or a new pool table may require less space than larger tables and those found in pool halls. The chart below focuses on minimum room size needed for different table and cue length.

Table Size and Minimum Room Size Required (with 48inch cue stick

7 foot table – 12′ 8″ x 15′ 10″

8 foot table – 13′ 1″ x 16′ 6″

9 foot table – 13′ 8” x 17′ 6”

(If you still lack for space then consider buying an outdoor pool table)

Pool cue sizes

Pool cues come in different sizes. There is no regulatory pool cue length according to the WPA. Players are allowed to feel free to use any cue they like. A short cue gives a player with smaller hands or less experience more control over his /her shots.

Short cues are also recommended for learners and beginners. They also give more space between a player and a wall or furniture and other objects.

Cues come in 57 inches , 58 inches and 59 inches.

(For an in-depth look at our recommended pool cue brands, click here.)

Space saving options

How much room you have affects your playing style and tournament play. Thinking of ways to create more room for your playing area is always a plus. Things like like a longer cue on smaller tables. Or a shorter cue on a bigger size table are all ways you could improve the quality of your game.

Convertible/ Foldable pool table

If you can a afford a new table without thinking much about the length of the cue sizes, then a smaller foldable table would create enough room for your playing area.

A larger table has a better playing surface and common coin operated fixtures would be great extras. However if you are short on space and need a table for recreational use then a convertible table is your friend.

These tables may also come with the option of a dining top. Some good brands even have different table tops for different games like table tennis and foozeball.

Five good brandS Under $200 –

  1. The Fat Cat Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table with Folding Legs for easier Storage. Comes with all accessories and is ready to play.
  2. The Fran store 55” Portable Folding Billiards Pool Game Table Includes Cues, Ball, Chalk, Rack, and Brush.
  3. The Hathaway Spartan 6′ Pool Table, 72″ L x 38″ W x 31″ H in Black. Can be converted into a dining table. Equipped with all accessories.
  • The TRIUMPH SPORTS 72″ 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table. You can play four different games on this 1 table . Air powered hockey, table tennis, billiards, and launch football. Includes 2 red air hockey pushers, 2 red pucks, 2 48” billiard cues, full set of billiard balls, triangle, 2 chalks, and a brush
  • Includes 2 table tennis balls, 2 paddles, a net and post, 2 field goals, and a mini football


What is the most common pool table size?

The majority of pool players in the USA either buy or prefer to play on 8 foot home pool tables. This is the 44’x 88′ playfield. This table is a staple to most Americans as pool is a game many love to play.

The 9 footer 50”x 100” is the most common for north American amateur leagues.

The 7 foot is the most common for tournaments and bar leagues.

What is the right pool table size for me?

The table that suited you is mostly determined by the space you have. The climate that you stay in. And how you intend to protect your table from things like spills and scratches from pets.The correct size table for you comes from knowing the simple basics of buying a pool table.

The room space you have, will determine the dimensions of the right table for you. In some cases you may not be limited to choosing an indoor pool table. Keep in mind the surrounding space you must have after the table is assembled. If space is not an issue then you are free to pick from any table.

When to consider professionals for installations/deconstruction.

Many people like the challenge of a DIY project. Egos are stroked when a project such as assembling and or taking apart a pool table is successfully pulled off.

This might sound like a walk in the park because i mean, its just a pool table right?

Please do not foo yourselves.

Pool table assembly and deconstruction is no joke.

It requires hours of well planned and knowing work.

Consider getting professional help when

  • You need to Refelt your table
  • You are moving the table from one room / house
  • You don’t have enough help/ man power to move your table around
  • You don’t have the correct equipment for the job
  • There are stairs involved in the moving of the table

Most show rooms offer the option of having professional movers come to your homes and install the games table for you. This is because most tables are slate and require the most careful of hands to install and put every last piece in place.


Hoepfully this quick read was all you needed to help you with any questions or concerns you had with pool tables and their sizes. I made sure all room dimensions and other guide lines you would be needing for an informed decision are all made super easy.