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Best of Hathaway & fairmont portable pool tables for sale

There are countless portable table models on the market currently.

Manufacturers design various models to ensure that they meet the needs of all customers. No matter what standards you may establish, there is no doubt that there’s a table out there that will satisfy your needs.

Based on our analysis, we now list you the 5 best portable pool tables that have been tested and painstakingly evaluated based on quality performance, affordability as well as durability and will satisfy your home requirements.

And once you’ve purchased one of these products, you’ll enjoy the precious time and get pleasure from treasured moments with your family or even friends around you.

1. Hathaway Park Avenue

Hathaway Park Avenue 7' Pool Table Tennis Combination with Dining Top, Two Storage Benches, Free Accessories

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Being a multi-functional table, Hathaway Park Avenue does not only let you to enjoy playing pool or table tennis but also enables you to serve your meals on top of it as it can also be used as a dining table. Furthermore, you can adjust its individual stand levellers to fit also the most irregular surface.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you spot where to position it permanently because of its 300-pound weight which tends to be heavy.

Another amazing feature possessed by this table is two benches which are also multi-purpose. You can sit on them with your friends comfortably while watching the rest playing the game on the pool table. Buying this equipment is, without doubt, a wise decision.

2. Hathaway Fairmont

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table for Families with Easy Folding for Storage, Includes Balls, Cues, Chalk

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This foldable pool table will beat bigger and more high-priced tables when it comes to performance. People admire how trouble-free it is when setting up. It has metallic folding stands that are also easily adjustable for excellent portability and easy balancing.

It features an all-inclusive set of accessories so you won’t spend much of your time preparing to play the game. With its size, Fairmont can fit a small room. Moving and storing this table is easier, though you’ll be required to use both hands since it weighs approximately 190 lbs.

If you want a small and top-quality mini foldable pool table offered at a cheap price particularly for your kids, try Fairmont as it is one of the best choices.

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3. Tucson MMXI

Fat Cat Tucson 7' Pool Table with Automatic Ball Return, Electric Blue Playing Surface and Included Billiard Accessories to Play Out of The Box

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Despite being offered at a cheaper price, Tucson MMXI is a well-designed pool table. Though it has a delicate polyester surface.

This accessory features solid rubber cushions and railings which gives a nice and sturdy ball bounce as well. With nice levelers, it stands that fit any floor surface.

On the other hand, moving it from one place to another tends to be difficult since it weighs over 200lbs and has no wheels.

When looking for a portable pool table for your family, Tucson MMXI is the best choice because it is an inexpensive, efficient, long-lasting pool that comes with a modern design.

4. Hathaway Maverick

Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game with Red Felt and Blue Table Tennis Surface. Includes Cues, Paddles and Balls

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Many people love this table because of its versatility as it lets you play both pool games and table tennis. Though rubber cushions are not well-designed, they are important for what they’re meant for – specifically for fun as well as casual play.

It’s very easy to change the game, as you just have to shift by amassing two 1/2″ boards on the top surface of this pool table. When playing both games, the table should be laid parallel to the floor surface.

Fortunately, you will have no troubles at all since the Maverick has stand levelers to offer the required stability.

5. Hathaway Hustler

Hathaway Hustler Pool Table, Blue, 8-Feet

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Hathaway Hustler is admired by many people mainly because it’s easy to assemble compared to other tables. With its adjustable leg levelers, you will have no troubles when adjusting to stable surface.

The cushions made of rubber purely makes the balls bounce perfectly.

After completing the game, the pocketed balls move to the central repository automatically. Obtaining this product will save your money.


Portable, foldable pool tables will definitely surprise you.

Though these products are designed to be moved around with ease and stored in safe places, you will wonder how they are also designed to offer enough stability.

Simultaneously, the materials used for its design are outstanding as well: from hardwood surface to tough modern plastic combinations and a chrome texture, and completed with perfect felt made of wool. On top, we can’t forget to mention how they support heavy ball weight, yet they have smaller sizes.

All these features contribute to the incredible performance of these tables, along with the games’ quality.

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