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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and mobility restrictions have left many unable to visit some of their favorite spots for a game of outdoor pool under the sun.

As such many of our readers requested our take on the best outdoor pool tables on the market in 2021.

Of course, we ensure that we cover not just our recommendations but also:

-Why our recommended pool tables are the most durable

What materials were used in these SUPER durable, outdoor pool tables?

  • First, the outdoor pool tables have an all-aluminum construction that is neatly welded together for an exquisite, seamless finish. For extra support, the upper frame of the game tables has an inner frame reinforced with aluminum I-beams support.
  • Second, made with 100% quarried slate, layered with high-quality aluminum, and covered with a fine felt cloth. This is surrounded by vulcanized gum rubber cushions. All this combined ensures that they last for years whilst being weather resistant to the elements
  • Slate was required for each of our outdoor pool tables because it naturally splits into wide, level pieces, and can be easily ground and polished into a perfectly flat surface. While heavier and more expensive than wood, slate ensures that the playing surface remains smooth and level.
  • Third, waterproof covers-A must as not every household has a patio to play under.

We cover these materials in finer detail after our recommendations as we know that you want to see our top five choices. 

Top ranking outdoor billiard pool tables on the market

After much searching and field tests with some of our friends from the World Pool-Billiard Association, we decided upon our five winners, some of which are being used in an outdoor game room at this moment.

1.East Point Sports 84″ with Table Tennis Top


  • A decent size, 7 feet design
  • Balances a great look with its sleek aluminum frame and legs with its high resistance to foul weather.
  • Has beautifully handwoven resin wicker accents giving it a lovely crisp finish
  • The play surface is covered with a special Sunbrella fabric which repels any moisture that falls onto it.
  • It has K66 Rubber Bumpers that yield a consistent bounce throughout the outdoor pool table.
  • Has a traditional Parlor Style Drop pocket design ie; the ball simply drops into the pocket upon potting, and that is where the ball will remain until the end of the frame. At the end of the frame, all balls are simply collected from each pocket in turn.
  •  Comes with all the accessories and is ready to play right after assembly.
  • The Heavy Duty All-Weather Cover pulled over the table provides superior protection.
  • Complete with All Accessories – 2 Billiard Cues, 1 Set of Billiard Balls, 2 Pieces of Chalk, 1 Triangle, and 1 Table Brush


A 3-Piece Table Tennis surface that will also allow table tennis lovers to be invited.

  • Includes a heavy-duty, all-weather table cover
  • Come with 2 Table Tennis Paddles, 2 Table Tennis Balls, and 1 Net & Post Set

2.Tempo Garden outdoor slate bed pool table


  • 7ft in size
  • This 7-foot outdoor pool table is one of the most luxurious outdoor pool tables there is. Made with waterproof fiberglass frames and legs, as well as tempered aluminum railing
  • The frame’s construction also includes Max Mex fiberglass, rails made with tempered aluminum, and an oven-baked lacquer.
  • It has a magnetic cue-ball (57.2mm) same diameter as object balls and a built-in ball release system
  • Its playing field uses the most top-quality diamond-honed slate bed
  • Comes accessorized with 2 pool cues, balls with both spots and stripes, 2 rests, chalks, ball cleaner, a corner cue stand, and a triangle
  • You also have the choice of having these outdoor pool tables in free-play or coin-operated mode
  • Has a built-in ball return system

Due to to the known fact that it is so durable and known to last for years, many manufacturers will provide a lifetime warranty for outdoor pool tables with a slate bed despite the high unlikelihood that it will break.

3.Mightymast outdoor pool table


  • Comes in both 6 and 7 foot
  • Has a high density 1 inch thick MDF playing surface which gives a professional game every time. (MDF is a type of hardboard, which is made from wood fibers glued under heat and pressure)
  • It is also crafted using Formica sheets and polyester resin
  • Comes with all accessories including 2 cues sticks (57 inches although another size can be specifically ordered) a set of balls both stripes and spots, chalks, brush, and triangle.
  • This pool table is extremely modern, exceptionally designed for outdoor use, and considered a more professional, heavy-duty choice
  • Beautifully finished in anodized aluminum coating – ensuring a long outdoor life
  • This particular slate bed is excellent for those wanting to play frequent games of pool with their mates.
  • The table also has leg levelers which provide much-needed stability to the pool table as well as allowing you to make incremental adjustments to the height of the table. Once the levelers are put in place, you can make adjustments to them individually through the use of an included ball driver.
  • The tough-wearing blue playing surface is not only pleasing to the eye but is also highly waterproof.
  • Has drop pockets-these are the simplest, and most familiar, billiard ball collection system for billiards tables. When a ball is sunk into the pocket, it’s left in place until the end of the frame, at which time the players move around the table to collect the balls to be racked again
  • Minimal assembly is required for this beauty -Just attach the legs and let the games begin!

So whether you are up for some fun in the sun or under the shade of your patio or gazebo this games table is a sure must have

4.Toulett Broadway outdoor pool table


  • Comes in 6 foot, 7 foot, and 8 foot
  • Its frame construction is the best quality aluminum and quarried slate
  • The option of having your table with a rustic tan coating is also available
  • And it comes with rust-resistant and UV-resistant treated cloth
  • As a bonus, it comes with 4 cue sticks, the best Aramith balls, triangle, table brush, chalks, cue rack, and a pool table cover to protect it from the sun and rain

This particular pool table is everything you need for a sunny Saturday afternoon at home, as it easily doubles into an outdoor dining surface because of a glass top that slides on very easily making it a great addition for your outdoor parties, chills, and BBQs on the patio or back yard.

Add benches to either side adjust the legs and you’re all set in true summer style on your 2-way dining table!!

Whether you decide to play pool or eat food on it this table is a definite yes on any list

5.Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiard Table with Playing Equipment


  • 8-foot playing surface
  • Looks good either indoors or outdoors.
  •  Constructed with sturdy extruded aluminum top rails, as well as aprons, the legs, and square beam sub-frame are all aluminum which is treated with an anti-rust coating
  • The superb 1-inch composite weatherproof playfield is also a plus on this 8 ft pool table
  • An aluminum corner post and top cap anchor the table and keep it nice and sturdy
  • Large beam corners with cross truss bracing and adjustable leg levelers ensure this table is solidly placed.
  •  K66 profile cushion rubber, an Electric blue waterproof, UV resistant, and sunproof cloth add style, color, and protection.
  • Ready to play with the 2 Billiard cue sticks, set of polyester balls, chalk, and triangle
  • Both 8-ball and 9-ball can be very satisfying on an 8 ft pool table because the table size allows for more room to play

The best part about this pool table is that it’s considered to be one of the best all-weather outdoor pool tables in the world.

A final round up

An outdoor pool table is a great investment for people who love the best of both worlds or a group of people who playing pool and being outside. This combination simply requires a little knowledge of, the best game table for you and your lifestyle. So whether you love pool or BBQs we’ve done you a solid and gotten you that all the information and more than you will need to make A Fantastic decision when picking out your very own billiard games table that you will use for years to come. buyer’s remorse is something we don’t want you to go through. From price to quality to the style we hope we helped you take a step in the right direction. Now go out and purchase like a PRO!!

Should I build a patio or game room for extra protection?

Whilst a weather-resistant table cover will offer great protection for the aluminum parts, polyester resin and playing surface a patio will offer increased protection.

It is a balancing act between extending the lifespan of the playing surface and the additional price of building a roof.

One advantage is that a patio roof will offer shelter from the elements for those who use the pool table as a dining table. So factor this into your sizes for the proof if this is something that you want to do.

More information on what makes these outdoor pool tables so durable

High-quality waterproof covers

  •  These are made with heavy-duty fabric that are stronger than cheaper nylon covers
  •  Avoid ripping or tearing when the covers are removed or fitted from the table.
  •  Ensure protection from dust, dirt, spills, and sunlight which can cause your felt cloth to be damaged and fade in color.
  • Offering enough coverage for the top playing surface, the sides as well as the pool table aprons.
  • Comes with a buckle, that can be tightened around the table frame to prevent the cover from being blown away in case of strong winds.


High-quality materials

  •  Quarried slate. Slate is the best material for your outdoor pool table, and the thicker it is the better the table
  • 1 inch Slate is the standard approved for tournament pool tables
  • MDF is always found in the structure of most billiard tables and comes in at a close second to slate
  • Marine Plywood, -is a sturdier, higher-quality material made of Western Larch or Douglas -Fir that is not treated with chemicals. This type of wood’s thin sheets of veneer (plies) is usually set up perpendicularly as part of a process called cross-lamination that helps strengthen the material.
  • Steel- almost all outdoor pool table legs and frames are made of stainless steel because this material is rust-resistant and can only be rusted when exposed to harmful corrosive fluids and products
  • Wool/Nylon cloth- Pool table cloth for standard American pool games is made from a combination of wool and nylon, or wool and polyester. (FELT is the name given to this cloth)
  • The way the cloth is woven, the quality of the wool, and the manufacturing process are what separates different brands and styles of felt for pool tables


Rust-resistant Legs and Frame

  •   Though many products can be used to remedy rust, these outdoor pool tables have treated steel and powder-coated aluminum to avoid time and money fixing such a problem
  • Aluminum and stainless steel applied to the corners and legs as well as the frame will anchor your outdoor pool table and will provide everything you need in terms of table stability, and durability for years to come

Natural rubber bumpers

  • Good outdoor pool tables will have K-66 cushions, which refers to the shape and angle of the rubber on the outdoor pool table. Cushions are made with hard rubber and are glued to the rail. Canvas is then glued to the rubber to keep it from bouncing more than once when a ball strikes the cushion. These bumpers do go bad
  •  The cost of outdoor pool table bumper replacement lies between $50 and $100. Cushion replacement is usually for the rail and rail rubbers. However, this cost is avoided with our chosen pool tables whose bumpers should last for around twenty years.

Rain Resistant Cloth

  • The most common type of outdoor table felt is woolen cloth. This is the “felt” that many people are familiar with. It is usually thick and heavy, comprised mainly of at least 60% wool, and has that familiar “felt” feel when you touch it. (hence the word felt)
  • Most outdoor pool table cloth is waterproof fire retardant, UV, and mildew resistant. This of course protects any wood element in the table.
  • Felt has many color options to choose from but most outdoor pool tables come in either green or blue.